Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rob The Banks! The Missouri Guerrilla War 1860-1882

I got this off of one of TT's old Aryan Updates and have always liked it. In fact, it was one of the reasons I wanted to always move to Missouri. Why? Because the next Guerrilla War is going to start in the Midwest, and I'm going to be in it. I can't wait.

An excerpt:

In 1861, Quantrill became an officer in the Missouri State Militia. His unit raided Plattsburg, fought at Wilson's Creek, Springfield and in the Indian Territory, then returned to raid Independence, Missouri. When Southern forces retreated, they remained in northwest Missouri as a guerrilla band. Except for Quantrill, it was an indigenous outfit of local farmers, including his second-in-command William "Bloody Bill" Anderson and troopers Frank James and Cole Younger. The fifteen-year-old Jesse James became a scout and spy after being tied to a tree and horse-whipped by Jayhawkers, who also abused his mother and mock-hanged his step-father.

Quantrill's guerrillas conducted audacious lightning raids and became known as the "Black Flag Brigade" for their cash-robberies. The recruiting slogan was "Join Quantrill and Rob the Banks!"

The next Civil War in America will make the last one look like a boy scout outing, and it can't come any sooner for my taste.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Cool link man , this kinda info is hard to find . Don't have time to read it all now but will download to file .

Have you read either of these -

Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy
( Guerrilla Warfare in the West ) - Richard S. Brownlee

Under The Black Flag -
Captain Kit Dalton

Certainly gets the ol blood to pumping !

Can I ask where you relocated from ? I have a buddy I've lost contact with , a Vermonter . He's either in Arkansas or Missouri ... I do wonder how he fares these days .

Orion said...

No, I haven't read those but they sound intersting. The idea of a Guerrilla War going on here before the main war started has always fascinated me. My Dad swears that we had an ancestor that rode with Quantrill but I can't prove it yet. Would explain a lot of the reason for the way I feel!

I moved out here from the West. It's hopeless there. There are so many mexicans, I was glad to see a nigger when I moved here!