Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tools of the Revolution - #2

Before you enemies of freedom and truth run off to the FBI, the ATF and all the other secret police agencies shrieking about illegal postings, you should know that silencer ownership in the United States, while strictly regulated, is legal. What is illegal is the manufacture of said items without the proper license.

That being said, Here are some videos for Revolutionary Patriots to evaluate should they decide to buy/build this valuable tool in eliminating high value enemy targets.

First up is the Gemetech Outback for the .22 and the Bowers ATAS 45 Can.

Next up is the CCF/B&T Impuls-IIa suppressor, wet. Wet simply means you have lithium or other heat resistant grease in the can to help cool the gases.

Now to Rifles. To silence the AR-15 effectively, you'll need subsonic ammo and a heavier bullet, usually up to 300gr, in order for the action to cycle. here's an example. In an Urban Environment, this is a very effective weapon.

That's it for today folks, soon we'll be discussing other required tools for the up and coming revolution.


Anonymous said...

Silencers--Rather Arcane, Though Interesting, Indubitably
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 08)

Gad, Orion--this is all neat stuff, but soooooo obscure for so many patriots, in sense it's so technically, narrowly focused/oriented.

Success of patriot movement isn't going to depend on silencers--though they'll surely play a part.

What's got to become common for enough people is that basic MENTALITY which respects truth--against Jew lies and conspiracy--again, truth vs. lies--pretty simple, eh?

Presently, what I think is more to-the-pt. for patriots is TARGETING strategy--who to kill first.

Thus the large historical imperative is JEW-EXPULSION, as of Roman emp., 4th cent. Hence foremost targets are, aside fm Jews (obviously), their immediate "Praetorian guard" dogs, such as the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) who imagine Christ was a Jew (Talmudist). Another prime target are the Pelagian heretics ("good-evil").

Beauty of things presently, is we can yet STILL deal with these JC and Pelagianist scum by peaceful methods, explaining for example, Christ explicitly repudiated Talmud at Gosp. MARK 7:1-13.

Thus Patriots ENFORCE Christianity by means of anti-semitism: if one isn't ANTI-SEMITIC, one isn't and can't be Christian.

After that (above), one only needs analyze Talmud which upholds subjectivism and lies as means of exterminating gentiles, the very purpose of Judaism which is simply Talmudic Ritual Murder (TRM), basic dichotomy then Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies, this parallel with strict logicalist dichotomy of Objective vs. subjective, honesty vs. hubris, as Greeks understood.

CONCLUSION: These videos are interesting, indubitably--I watched the first one u featured--and I see u have lots of time on ur hands, evidently, which I don't always. Keep up ur good work of information. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Bloody Bill Anderson said...

Success of any movement depends on many things, not the least of which are the right tools for the job at hand. It's a multifaceted approach. Anyone that thinks we are going to rid ourselves of the jews and their camp followers through peaceful, non-violent "Education" with the enemy in charge of the means of communication are fooling themselves and are of no use to us as revolutionary soldiers. Blood speaks louder than words, and the pen is not mightier than the sword at this late stage of the struggle.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Bill NotWithStanding, Revolutionary Success Requires Some Info, Planning, Analysis
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 08)

Okay Bill, I have to admit I'm quite a coward, in all honesty. Note however, regardless of specific action, u still need PLANNING, hence analysis--as for TARGETING, with or without silencers.

And I'm sure as ZOG enemy ratchets-up its violence quotient for dealings with the people, u'll surely get more recruits oriented towards ur pt. of view.

I know this: remove the Fed counterfeit machine, and u've essentially broken power of Jews.

Note situation presently is ZOG still wants to provoke acts fm patriot opposition to make case to people racialists are insane terrorists, etc. So my emphasis presently is still for reasoning, info, etc. Thus I seek to offer alternative expositions to that of Ron Paul (, for example. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

( 300 gr. in a .223 ?)

Orion said...

Opps, my bad. It's a 220-240gr Sierra boat-tail. Still, a lot heavier than a 62 grain, which is what I use.