Saturday, October 11, 2008

Voice From Argentina

With this post I add to the growing list of dissent voices located here on Access St. Louis a new blog, that of Adrian Salbuchi. I don't know much about him but from what I've read he seems like one of the good guys. Give it a look-see. I think you won't be disappointed.

Since 1945, world public opinion has been informed about the terrible murders, concentration camps and persecutions perpetrated by National Socialist Germany. However, this has been done within an unprecedented and unique framework in the history of mankind, in which one State (the German Third Reich) totally succumbed on the military front, and was left unarmed before its irreconcilable enemies (the United States, Britain, the Soviet Union and France), who then stole from Germany its territory, State structures and tried its political leadership (the illegal, obscene and fundamentally flawed Nuremberg Trials are an example of this). They robbed Germany of hundreds of thousands of patents, inventions, industrial processes and intellectual rights of all kinds, and - most importantly - they took from German all of their official State documentation, including top-secret papers; all as wartime booty.

That documentation was taken back to New York, London, Paris and Moscow from where, over the years, an “official history” was written reflecting the interests of the victorious allied forces. Among those future objectives and plans was the creation, financing and powerful militarization ad eternum of the State of Israel.

Let the reader imagine for a moment, what would happen if the world were to be able to access and study all the secret documents and files of, for example, the Unites States, Britain and Israel, because they fell completely into the hands of their enemies, who could then choose extracts from those documents and write their own “Official History” aimed at satanizing the US, Britain and Israel and promoting their own political agenda? Can the reader imagine the things that we would discover if we could thoroughly research the darkest, bloodiest, most perverse, pathological and destructive chapters hidden in the secret files of, say, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the National Security Agency of the United States? Or MI6 and the British Foreign Office? Or of the Mossad, Shin Beth and Israeli Defence Forces?

Read more from Adrian Salbuchi's post on Historical Lies as an Instrument of Domination.


I. Renarde said...

The story around Galileo is false. Galileo was vilified for pushing disproved theories. He is not a martyr.

Orion said...

O'rely? And what theories were that, pray tell?