Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People

The United States of America in 1930 lacked only one thing: an adequate supply of money to carry on trade and commerce. In the early 1930's, Bankers, not Congress, had become the only source of new money and credit. Bankers deliberately refused loans to industries, stores and farms.
Payments on existing loans were required however, and money rapidly disappeared from circulation. Goods were available to be purchased, jobs waiting to be done, but the lack of money brought the nation to a standstill. By this simple ploy America was put in a "depression" and the greedy Bankers took possession of hundreds of thousands of farms, homes, and business properties. The people were told, "times are hard," and "money is short." Not understanding the system, they were cruelly robbed of their earnings, their savings, and their property.

Sheldon Emry - Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People, 1984

Sound familiar? Are we going to let the Banksters do this to our people again? Believe me folks, when the Great Depression hits again, it won't be like the 30s. We live in a totally different country now. A multi-racial, multi-cultural morass that is held together only by the capitalist state backed by massive firepower.

There is a way to beat them.

Hitler and the National Socialists, who came to power in 1933, thwarted the international banking cartel by issuing their own money. In this they took their cue from Abraham Lincoln, who funded the American Civil War with government-issued paper money called "Greenbacks." Hitler began his national credit program by devising a plan of public works. Projects earmarked for funding included flood control, repair of public buildings and private residences, and construction of new buildings, roads, bridges, canals, and port facilities. The projected cost of the various programs was fixed at one billion units of the national currency. One billion non-inflationary bills of exchange, called Labor Treasury Certificates, were then issued against this cost. Millions of people were put to work on these projects, and the workers were paid with the Treasury Certificates. This government-issued money wasn't backed by gold, but it was backed by something of real value. It was essentially a receipt for labor and materials delivered to the government. Hitler said, "for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark's worth of work done or goods produced." The workers then spent the Certificates on other goods and services, creating more jobs for more people. Within two years, the unemployment problem had been solved and the country was back on its feet. It had a solid, stable currency, no debt, and no inflation, at a time when millions of people in the United States and other Western countries were still out of work and living on welfare. Germany even managed to restore foreign trade, although it was denied foreign credit and was faced with an economic boycott abroad. It did this by using a barter system: equipment and commodities were exchanged directly with other countries, circumventing the international banks. This system of direct exchange occurred without debt and without trade deficits. Germany's economic experiment, like Lincoln's, was short-lived; but it left some lasting monuments to its success, including the famous Autobahn, the world's first extensive superhighway.

Can you stop listening to the jews long enough to think for yourself?

In Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheldon Emry commented:

Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 and on, accounting for its startling rise from the depression to a world power in 5 years. Germany financed its entire government and war operation from 1935 to 1945 without gold and without debt, and it took the whole Capitalist and Communist world to destroy the German power over Europe and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers. Such history of money does not even appear in the textbooks of public (government) schools today. And because it was a debt-free currency , there was no inflation in the Reich . What cost one Deutschmark in 1935 , cost one Deutschmark in 1945 . The International Jewish Bankers had to destroy the Reich and vilify National Socialism , so as to detract from the National Socialist principles of economic freedom for the people , which would show the entire world that the parasitism of Capitalism and Marxism both , were nothing less than a destructive assault upon the world . The root of the world's turmoil .

Debt is slavery. Who wants to keep you in Debt? Look at the names of who runs Goldman Sachs, the Treasury, the Fed. Research their backgrounds. You'll have your answer.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Very good article . I remember listening to Sheldon Emry years ago on the radio . He was akin to Paul Harvey in that his delivery was smooth and just plain factual . One could learn alot from them ol fellas .

Orion said...

I wish I could find some audio. Maybe Pastor Pete has some. I know he was a huge influence on Pastor.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Check out America's Promise Ministries link on my blog . The pastor Dave Barley , located in Sandpoint , Idaho , married Sheldon's daughter . They used to be in Phoenix but you can understand why they split . He's a good fella .

Anonymous said...

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