Monday, June 22, 2009

And The Snow Fell

On June 22, 1941, The greatest land battle in the history of the world commenced at 3:15am as 3.2 million German Troops, along with 550,000 Soldiers from all over Europa set out to destroy the greatest enemy the White Race had ever faced: Jewish Communism.

Whose side do you think the Great Satan, also known as the United States, was on?

We honor those brave men who fought and died so Europe could be free. Hail the Germans! You have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing.

Valhalla, receive these and other warriors who are to follow!

The results of that defeat 65 years ago is being felt all over the western world.

But we will not die. Tomorrow belongs to us!


Anonymous said...

"The results of that defeat 65 years ago is being felt all over the western world."

Everything we are today, everything we as a Western Society have engaged in over the past 60 years, has been built and pursued in the shadow of the Nazi's. EVERYTHING! To deny that, no matter one's nationality, is to turn one's back to our collective past. Worse, it is to blind oneself to the ripples of National Socialism that continue to shape our world today.
The Nazi's, National Socialism, Adolf Hitler, were the defining points of the 20th century. We are all byproducts, whether positive or negative, of its principles, proliferation and ultimate defeat at the hands of the non German, Jew owned, rest of the world.
....and in much of the world, the mere show of a swastika is grounds for prosecution. Such is the power Nazism still holds.

It's the most awe inspiring thing that still represents white European peoples, united in a cause of racial awareness.....Even for those whose ancestors fought against it.

And the rest of the world is still scared shitless of it! Not the brown shirted goons we see on American streets. Not the Jew financed, fake Nazi's who help them fill their pockets with donations. I speak of the black uniformed SS and grey clad warriors of the Waffen legions. The forces that shocked the world to it's knees.

Nazism has united the white European peoples in defeat, in a way untold of in it's early 20th century life. It was our last taste of victory as a people and we still hunger for own place in the sun. The warnings of Hitler have come forth and shown a light on the creatures who run this world now and will yet provide a beacon, for our future unity and ultimate victory.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Touching and moving vids ... something about a woman singing that can penetrate to your very core. Stunning pair of eyes at the end of the last one.

Most have no idea of the extremes of severe winter weather the German soldier endured, or the depradations in daily survival. Not to even mention the actual battles. Unmatched in recent history in my opinion.

The cream of the crop of our people gave their all - and then some, and most these days so easily ridicule them without investigation. But we've not forgotten.