Sunday, June 7, 2009

Be Prepared

Interesting Video. I don't agree with everything in it,( Obama is not my president, nor is America in its current state my country) but there are some disturbing parallels between Kennedy and Obama. Have you ever noticed how Obama sounds just like Kennedy except for the accent? Notice how the press treats the Obama family like another Camelot? The secret service is staying busy with all the threats against Obama, and numerous people have been arrested for making threats against him. The jews are pissed about his stance with Islam and consider him a muslim.

This is an opportunity the jews just can't pass up. With Obama's assassination pinned on a "white supremacist", the jews will ram through Thought Crime legislation silencing their critics, create another martyr and put in office a Zionist traitor who will do whatever the jews tell him to do.

Here's the link, as it seems the embedding from Pod Blanc isn't working.

Now we know that no sane White Nationalist (emphasis on sane) would want Obama to become another Michael (aka Martin) King. He is much more valuable to our struggle alive than dead. But to the jews, it's a golden opportunity to close the deal on complete power in Zionist Occupied America. So here's my advice to every White Racialist/Nationalist out there. Even if you have family that don't subscribe to your views, if you care about any of them it would be wise to pass it on.

First, carry some kind of LONG weapon in your vehicle. The jews could kill the President at any time and if you are stuck in a city with a large African population, you will end up dead. Even if you live in a gun control state like California, it usually is not illegal to have an unloaded shotgun or rifle in the trunk of your car. I would carry at LEAST 50 rounds of double 00 buck or rifle ammo with the weapon.

Second, keep a bug out bag with some MREs, water, medical supplies, some clothes and a radio. Wind up radios are best. It may take a few days for the ZOG military to establish control and you may be without a vehicle. Also, the military could fracture along racial lines and there may not be any help forthcoming at all. The main thing is, don't depend on anyone but yourself.

Third, keep an eye on the news. Check it more often than you normally would. Finding out before the niggers do will give you valuable time to get out of dodge. It usually takes negros some time to react, as they have to get into groups before taking action.

This goes for Mexicans and other non-whites too. They will want to get in on the action so if you are in California, Texas, Illinois or other high "minority" states, you should be aware of your surroundings.

If the military does fracture and civil authority breaks down, this presents its own opportunities for the White insurgent, but that's for another discussion. Just keep your short list handy for some local activism.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

There is certainly a consensus that something large in magnitude is heading our way. Perhaps that's the only reason they put him in office - to be bumped off and start the inevitable uproar that will follow.

Did you notice a couple things on that flic - I don't believe that first guy blinked a single time ! He might still be wired since he first got the news !

That second young fella - over his left shoulder was a flag with a canceled out cross on it. Just wondering if you'd seen it.

Yes, how quickly tomorrow can change things.

Orion said...

Haha I saw him blink once the whole time! Didn't notice that about the cross. I'm not even sure why that guy was in the video.

I'm beginning to buy into the Israeli connection about Kennedy's assassination. Interesting that the gangster Jack Rubenstein was Oswald's killer, and that David Green (Ben-Gurion) was hot to develop nukes. The jews certainly got what they wanted with LBJ, that's for sure.

If I'm not mistaken, that is Eric Hufschmid, who is a bit controverial in patriot circles himself, but for me the jury is still out. I realize there are some who still consider themselves citizens and want to "reform" America. As long as they are on the trail of the sons of the Evil One, I tend to overlook such nonsense.

I know it might sound crazy to prepare oneself for something that may never happen, but after missing the Atanta Riots by minutes in 92, I learned it's better to prepare and nothing happen than to be unprepared and be caught in the middle of a troop of niggers. People in LA, Cleveland and New Orleans have found out the hard way.

Balkanized America will explode if anything happens to President Hussein.

Orion said...

Hey "Robert", "Paul Brown", "After Dark" or whatever your falasha kike ass is calling yourself; Your infantile comments will never see the light of day here. Perhaps you should go to White reference, where you can find your mentally ill lover Appollonian.

white Reference allows any fool to post there, so have at it!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"I learned it's better to prepare and nothing happen than to be unprepared and be caught in the middle ..."

My philosophy exactly.

Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

One scenario hurts alot more than the other.