Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Am a Baby Aryan

Not Jewish or Sectarian

I have no plans to marry

an Ape or Rastafarian.

God in his infinite mercy has brought us a warrior into the battle, a descendant of Confederate soldiers, from the same race as Jackson, Nathan and Lee, a Scot-English warrior yearning to do battle. Look at that fist, all balled up ready to fight.


Gods Of Battle (George Patton)

From pride and foolish confidence,

From every waking creed,

From the dread fear of fearing,

Protect us, Lord, and lead.

Great God, who, through the ages,

Has braced the bloodstained hand,

As Saturn, Jove, or Woden

Has led our Warrior band.

Again we seek thy council,

But not in cringing guise,

We whine not for thy mercy,

To slay; God make us wise.

For slaves who shun the issue

Who do not ask thy aid,

To Thee we trust our spirits,

Our bodies, unafraid.

From doubt and fearsome bodings

Still Thou our spirits guard,

Make strong our souls to conquer.

Give us the victory, Lord.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

If this fine looking young lad is your son, well then congrats brother. Indeed a blessing from God and best of wishes for yall.

(if not, still a healthy and robust looking youngun - no less the blessing for his folks)

Joy said...

If your son, congratulations! A fine looking boy!

Orion said...

Thanks, Jeff. No, he's a nephew. I hope he turns out good. His parents are pretty solid, but that's no guarantee nowadays! I got that "baby aryan' ditty from David Irving, btw. They went after him unmercifully for that at his trial.

Orion said...

I wish it were, Joy, but it's a relative, the newest one, a second boy. Now we need 2 girls and we'll be set!

LFD said...

Well, I recognized the family resemblance....chubby cheeks, double chin........takes after his uncle.
He's a cutie for sure. There has been one oversight, though. Where's the camo onesie?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

HA ! Bet I know who will be pulling graveyard shift on the perimeter tonite !

But yeah ... where's the realtree booties 'n all ?

Orion said...

Hey, don't forget mah budha belly! Huff huff!

haha, He'll be in realtree soon enough. 4x4s and rifle racks are a tradition in that family! Georgia crackers for sure!

Armed with Knowledge said...

If that's the case, you'd better start conditioning him fast, he's got one heck of a battle ahead of him.

Orion said...

Don't worry about that, AWK. He'll be popping squirrels when he's 6 and probably his first deer by 8 or 10.

By the time he's 21, I hope he'll be popping off the enemy alongside me and his dad.