Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Viewpoint

This one from Michael Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman is an excellent researcher and writer.

The religion of Orthodox Judaism is designed so as to capitalize on and benefit from any violent attack on it or it adherents. Without such violence from outsiders, attacks are sometimes orchestrated from within.

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Orion said...

I like this part especially. Mr. Hoffman more often hits all cylinders than misses.

During the regime of Republican President George W. Bush, the "threat from the extreme Right" was de-emphasized by the Cryptocracy. White crusader golem were needed to support and staff the war in Afghanistan against Muslims, and the war in Iraq against Arabs. With those goals now pretty much accomplished and a Black Democrat in the White House, the powers-that-be seem to have decided to reanimate the "extreme Right wing threat" and raise it back to the marquee bogeyman role it played during the regime of Bill Clinton, when the Oklahoma City Bombing was mounted by a supposed lone nut duo, but which researchers like David Hoffman (no relation to this writer) have reported was a conspiracy deeply connected to the US government itself -- including to such government front groups as the "Aryan Republican Army" bank-robbery gang and "Aryan Nations."

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Mr. Hoffman is a very thorough researcher. I
have his monumental work - Judaism Discovered, and it's an eye opener. Along with his other books.

How many snitches did they ultimately discover at Aryan Nations ? Know there were quite a few. Goes back to the aforementioned litmus tests.

And rather than hitting on all yer posts, I'll say here -I don't buy the McVeigh bombing story.

There is no way a fertilizer bomb, in an unarmoured and non - directional Uhaul truck could focus the necessary force to do the amount of damage done.

Entirely gutted the steel reinforced concrete building on one side and hardly no damage elsewhere ?
Doesn't add up.

Orion said...

I had "judaism's strange gods" which was really good. I need to start ordering more of this stuff!

As for Timothy, you could be right. What I believe is Timothy and McNichols started out to send a message and the Feds got involved and set Timothy up with that license plate deal. I admire Timothy because from the very beginning he didn't bow, crawl, cry or ask for any mercy. He stood tall like a man and accepted the consequences. And he was dead set on paying back those waco murderers. He had the law on his heart, I truly believe.

I think about him sometimes and what a loss he was to the struggle. He's my inspiration to ensure anti-infiltration and Informant discovery is THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE in any upcoming insurgency.

I do get very sad when I think of Timothy.

Orion said...

Aryan Nations was run by snitches after Pastor Butler's death. Metzger is right. Those kinds of organizations are a thing of the past.