Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Big Picture by Dr. William Pierce

I urge all White Patriots to listen to this broadcast from 1996. Dr. Pierce knew that we would one day reach this point in our stuggle, and he also knew that after he passed away his words would still be needed in order to inspire his people. This should be required listening for every thoughtful White.

We must act. If we don't, then everything will be lost. Do you understand that yet?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jewboy!

Give it up, we are on to the Kosher Nazis. PS go fuck yourself you degenerate genocidal kike trash.

Anonymous said...

Apollonian Stylistic Makeover To Pierce's Analysis
(Apollonian, 9 Nov 08)

I listened to Pierce's speech, and I must say it's surely one of the best productions I've hrd fm Pierce--who, I thought, always did creditable job, even if I took exception to parts. What I want to do here is clarify and simplify for grand strategy--to build upon Pierce's analysis.

So this is now 12 yrs after Pierce made his speech, and the CYCLE of history, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, rather bears out his warnings as to how bad its getting.

For as long as whites were fat and satisfied, they didn't find it convenient to feel too worried--this is always the way it is and must be in CYCLIC course of things. Thus we patriots must work along with and in accord with this cyclic pattern.

Pt. now is gov. is evermore plainly and overtly conspiring against all people, including not just whites. And now we understand gov. wants to "reduce" population--and they're serious about it.

Evermore people understand 9-11 was "inside job," and Jews (not just Israelis) are behind all terrorism, Jews benefitting most by far, gentiles always suffering.

Thus my idea is to CONSOLIDATE those who are already pre-disposed, at least theoretically, these referring to Christians who are supposed to be anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

The other thing about Christianity is to re-define it as something compatible and sympathetic w. human REASON--it NOT being against reason (though absolutely against Jews).

Thus the two, reason and anti-semitism, actually go together so well, in truth, and this really makes sense--Christianity supposed to be anti-semitic, this also being the most rational thing.

Hence then revolutionary thing is to resurrect, so to speak, HONESTY to replacing presently reigning "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy which Pharisaism is what Jews exploit so effectively against HUBRISTIC, over-populated gentiles.

But the new view/observation at this stage is how gentiles, esp. whites, have now been expended and de-populated.

And as CYCLE of things is working more with us (ironically enough)--people evermore understanding, "it's Jews, stupid"--they will see they need to be (1) rational, and thus (2) HONEST in order to become more successfully anti-semitic, this anti-semitism now necessary to save their bleeping lives.

And the idea then is to concentrate on Christians, these Christians becoming OUR storm-troopers enabling us, in turn, to rally all the rest of the volk, and not only whites, all the while steadily ISOLATING the Jew, which will happen naturally anyway--in accord w. natural course of CYCLIC history and socio-biology, etc.

Thus it's my intention to bringing a far greater Christian orientation to patriot movement--BUT THIS "CHRISTIANITY" being, at same time, far more rationalistic--and hence then, most naturally, far more anti-semitic, rejecting "good-evil" hereticalism (for children), emphasizing HONESTY for real humans.

Thus by framing EVERYTHING patriotic in this Christian (hence anti-semitic) rationalism we of the leadership do best for the patriotic "faithful" (or "committed"), and thence, in turn, for the larger volk.

The ideologic key then is not necessarily a terribly positive Christianity so much as sympathy thereto, a tolerance--which then is why such as Alex Linder/VNN ( must be absolutely crushed NO LESS THAN traitor "Christians," so obligatorily Jew-friendly, who preach Jesus was Jew (hence Talmudist) must be removed/eliminated.

Thus we see such anti-Christianity as Linder's is utterly irrational and not tolerable, any more than Jew-friendliness is tolerable fm "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) heretics.

CONCLUSION: Thus as Christianity is rationalized, we see non-antisemitism is actually HERETICAL itself, a product of dis-honesty, HONESTY replacing "good-evil" as fundamental Christian and cultural value. Such then is my simplified cultural-political-propaganda program which I submit is actually quite profoundly consistent w. Pierce's overall outlook, though different for Pierce's presumed style. The object is most emphatic and decisive Jew-expulsion--which, note, only Christians have ever historically obtained. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Apollonian, did you see what anarchsnore just called you?! I wouldn't let him get away with that.

Orion said...

" anarchore said...
Hey Jewboy!

Give it up, we are on to the Kosher Nazis. PS go fuck yourself you degenerate genocidal kike trash."

I know you are but what am I?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

The General has spoken , once again in his own humble , self deprecating way
(arm stretched to the ankle).
And I'd say he was probably getting paid by the word .

(smack across the sweaty jowls)

Who is this imposter that holds up an image of a false god to deceive us ?

If it aint clear to all by now that yer just an infiltrator and instigator , don't know what it would take .

Go down the list of the false prophet -
"The other thing about Christianity is to re-define it as something compatible and sympathetic w. human REASON"
Redefine ... so just change the whole substance of it ? God doesn't need the help of a blighted individual such as yourself . It makes perfect sense and is sympathetic towards the race for which it was intended - the anglo saxon .

"Thus it's my intention to bringing a far greater Christian orientation to patriot movement...

Thus by framing EVERYTHING patriotic in this Christian (hence anti-semitic) rationalism we of the leadership do best.."
So you redefine the Manual , raise your standard to it as if you stand for God , and rally the unsuspecting storm troopers under a false flag thinking they have Godly support . Yeah right , who do you work for in that darkened room ?
If that's all God had to say - hate jews , He could of sent a fax .

I think yer just another slicked up carpet bagger ... you found you a niche to work and yer playing off the emotions of an awakened people and the resultant turmoil .

Bet yer a volunteer .

"The ideologic key then is not necessarily a terribly positive Christianity so much as sympathy thereto, a tolerance--

CONCLUSION: Thus as Christianity is rationalized..."

Yeah , your
"rationalized" version wouldn't be too hard to tolerate , all fluff and no substance . All ya gotta do is hate jews and it's on to glory !
All you want is mere tolerance of a watered down version , nothing serious or effectual undertaken .

Man , you got some depth to ya .

And that's all yer interested in anyhow , right ? Just a means to an end , use it and lose it .
You never had a grasp on it to start with .

You haven't the foggiest clue as to the implementing of Christs kingdom
( or even what that entails ) and indeed that's something you never mention nor promote . But you never intended to either .

Pierce was an intelligent man and I've enjoyed his books . I met him at a talk in DC a few years back . He was not only anti Christian , he knew of the correct identity of the Israelites of scripture and still he shunned it . In fact , he ridicules it in "Hunter" ... although I enjoy the rest of it .

We gotta learn how to run 'em thru the Biblical sieve or we'll never be able to weed out those who creep in amongst us .
This problem will worsen in days ahead .

Wolf's Press said...

You make some good points and I'm gonna bite. Run it down for me....and I'm being sincere here. How does race play into Christianity? I'm assuming we're talking some kind of identity here but I don't want to put words in your mouth. If whites are #1 in God's eyes, where does that leave the other races in Christs plans?
How are they to be treated? Where does Christ's love and redemption come into play with them? How do you rectify Christ's appeal to all gentiles, with a racial supremacy outlook? Or is that assuming to much about your stance?
These are questions that have always nagged at me.

I do agree wholeheartedly that using the message of Christ to kill our fellow man, whatever the race, simply for domination is a gross distortion and has an evil origin. Such is no more noble that the Jew's plans. As a matter of fact, wouldn't that make us all de facto Jews? As what defines a Jew better than his drive to be at the top over all others, by whatever means necessary? Is the ultimate goal domination over nonwhites or peaceful, progressive coexistence(I assume under Christs leadership from the Christian perspective)? Or do we want a world with only whites. Such would necessitate an awful lot of killing. More than I'm prepared to sanction.
These are questions that we all had better work out pretty soon.

One thing is certain....there is a cleansing coming to the earth. Such is unavoidable at this point. Whether that will be next year or in 25, it's hard to say. Many, many, many people are going to die all over this planet. Perhaps all of us here. We had better start asking what kind of world we'd like when it's all over with; or what's left may find themselves living in caves, running around chasing rabbits to eat and fighting each other with sticks in their hands, all over again.

Anonymous said...

"Jeff," White Nigger, Likes Keeping Things Complicated--So Only He Can Figure It Out
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 08)

"Jeff," I'm touched u of all people would take my analysis/expo so much to heart as u do. It (ur reaction) made me go back to look at what I'd written to see how some infernal idiot could construe it the way u present.

U "Jeff," are truly an ignorant white nigger, as I've always expressed. And exactly like a Jew, u lie to urself most of all, in order to keep urself convinced--which is UR greatest object, retaining ur self-righteousness.

In Gosp. JOHN 14:6 Christ equates himself w. TRUTH--and that's what Christianity is at its best, worship for and reverence of truth, this PERFECTLY consistent w. human reason. Thus the battle is against lies, Jews foremost worshippers of such lies. Now tell me, "Jeff," the white nigger, preceding formulation isn't so.

U "Jeff," ignorant white nigger, want to keep Christ and Christianity mysterious, obscure, and most of all, complicated--so u can then present urself as only one able to figure it all out.

CONCLUSION: Thus I rest my case; anyone who needs further expo can ck my extended works at, under "commentary." As I've always held, Christianity vs. Jew is same as truth vs. lies--which further works out to reason vs. mysticism, thus objective reality (basis of truth) vs. subjectivism, basis of Jew lies. But of course gentiles can lie too--like "Jeffy," the stupid white nigger, so "complex" and mysterious. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Wolf's Press -"Run it down for me....and I'm being sincere here. How does race play into Christianity? I'm assuming we're talking some kind of identity here..."

An inquiry thus phrased will receive all the attention I can give . Remember , I am but a mere servant and soldier myself .

I would ask us to consider - all the truths we have uncovered over the years , about the jewish conspiracies and even the various other evils cloaked as something righteous ... why would it come as a surprise to find out that even Christianity has been usurped and redefined ? Didn't Christ warn us of this ?

The jew and their proselytes knew that eventually the truth would find the light of day and they would be exposed , so they have been thoroughly conditioning the masses over time to react hostilely towards it to counter that eventuality .

From the get go I would submit - WHATEVER it is that God states as Truth , whatever it is that He demands ... He will get . We can either bow to His greater authority or we can fight Him . There are only 2 choices .

One does get a bit weary however in trying to convince those who are not honest in their search for understanding ... you must make the determined effort on yer own . When we go into an equation with presupposed determinations , it makes the vision a bit blurry to anything else .

I never want anyone to take my word solely as proof of anything . I'm skeptical myself and will check all sides of the issue .

True Christianity does not promote , nor is it about supremacy . God created us all but we gotta remember He , HE set us apart and distinct . It's when we strive for "humanistic glory"
that we tread the road to destruction .

Why is it that we suppose we can see justice and righteousness far clearer than God ? He's already stated His thoughts and ways are far beyond ours .
I find it quite arrogant to suppose otherwise .

I could take the time to quote scripture til the sun sets but the legwork is really up to the individual .
" Study to show THYSELF approved unto God , a workman that need not be ashamed , Rightly dividing the Word of Truth ." I don't expect to , nor can I convince anyone ... all we can do is cast seeds and pray you'll tend yer crop to fruition .

Orion has a link to Scriptures For America . Thy Weapon Of War has many links and quite a few excellent posts . Well , maybe even check mine too . I remember when God first opened my eyes to this truth back in the mid / late 80's and I wanted to shout it from the roof tops . I started off with the gun control issue and it all started lining up and making sense .
Yeah , it's that important that we figure this out .

But I've noticed also , when Christ said - seek and ye shall find - if the quest is half hearted we'll learn nothing . He never said it would be easy . How much blood , sweat 'n tears do we put into matters far less important ? The journey begins with that first step .

Are you a father ? Do you have children ?
Doesn't it warm your heart to see other purely innocent and trusting younguns
long before they learn all the evil ways about us ?

But even though you may not necessarily feel white hot animated hatred against others solely on a racial distinctions ... don't you love yer children above all else ? Isn't your concern for them greater and rates a higher emphasis ?

It is quite humbling indeed , and frightening to consider the ramifications of it , but God has a favorite . That is a choice He alone made long ago . And once again , we can study to see if it's really so or we can mock .
But I ask you - what if ?

I speak in generalities and point no finger at you , but the book of Job should be required reading for those of our people who get a bit too big for their britches .

Where were we insignificant specks of dust when God created the countless universes or laid the foundations of all life ? He never came to us seeking input or help .

The Bible is about and written to one race of people alone . Any mention of others was just as they came into contact with (true) Israel - our ancestors . And as holds true today , it was usually in the role of tools of correction and punishment .

I've always wondered - why do we so easily and without care or concern , hand over to others the birthright that is rightfully ours ?

This is not a difficult surmising to arrive at . The Bible says you shall know them by their fruits . ALL the clues and indications that describe the Israelites of scripture fit the anglo - saxon ALONE .

I would hope that some would check old posts of mine ( and other blogs too ). I don't post 10 articles a day so backtracking isn't all that involved . Many arguements have been addressed over 'n over . But I do need to put a few key posts on my sidebar .

Why has it always been acceptable for folks to proclaim and embrace the dogma that the ones calling themselves jews today are the people of scripture , even if the one and only claim to fame they have is occupation by military force and a stolen identity ? God said long ago that the old Jerusalem was forsaken . And that His people would have a new name and new homelands .

But in the same double minded twisted thinking process , we spiritualize everything that was said , particularly by Paul ( he must be rolling in his grave ), so that now Christianity is all inclusive . THAT we can swallow .

The word gentiles translates as nations , the "who" of it is dependant upon the context . And with Paul , you usually gotta go back a chapter or 2 .

God/Jesus does not change - never has , never will .

Did not Jesus refute the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15 : 21 - 28 ? There are several key points here folks miss -

Christ flatly acknowledged He was sent for only one people . He ignored her . BUT , she persisted . She understood her place in the workings of things , didn't bitch 'n moan but accepted whatever He was willing to give her and to be content with that . And He granted her desire .

Paul spoke to a mixed crowd in Judea , for many strangers came back from the Babylonian captivity . Remember , Israel and Judah had divided kingdoms and there had already been several deportations and scatterings of their people around the globe - these are the gentiles to whom he spoke and to whom Christ bid they go .

This is why Christ spoke in parables and so obviously did He explain why - because to you it is given to understand the mysteries of the kingdom , but to them it is not .

"My sheep hear my voice and I know them , and they follow after me "

This is the reason some hear and some don't . You don't need to get into the genetics of it . Besides God said His people Israel would never cease to exist .

Man , should we cut that part out too ? Gonna be a real tattered , torn and incomplete book time we're done . But , we've done it all before ... to our detriment .

All these curses keep happening to the same ol people , making the same ol mistakes , time after time .

Will there be other races after the great judgement spoken of in Revelation ? I think so because it says outside the kingdom are murderers , dogs , idolaters , etc.
It's not a place I'd want to be banished to .

Why is all this happening to US ... we know the white race has been singled out to receive the greater lashing on a world wide basis .
It's as simple as Deuteronomy 28 or Leviticus 26 .

SOS - different day (time) . We are those people .

There will be a massive clean up , internationally and it wont be pretty .
Since we've neglected to rightfully address the problem long ago , naturally it has grown to monumental proportions and with this behemoth we must now deal .

And although there may be alot of pertinent and accurate info expounded by others in the movement ,
the door that leads to Christ , and victory , is the only way to the correct enlistment office .
But unfortunately , time and dire consequence alone will be the convincer of many ...


Genesis 5 : 1
Deuteronomy 7 : 1 - 11
Psalms 147 : 19 - 20
Amos 3 : 1 - 2
Matthew 10 : 5 - 7 ,16
Romans 9 : 1 - 23

And about 30 - 40 others .

Remember when you see the term jew in the Bible , it is a twisted and created word for a specific reason .

The word jew does not appear in the Bible until 2 Kings 16 : 6 and it depicts the tribes of Israel warring against Judah . This word was not even used as recently as the King James 1611 Bible .

That word can apply to any resident of Judea , same as an American , but you can't pin a racially identifying tag to it by just that .
The spreading of the gospel of Christ -

Overall support for and seeking of Gods will -

The building up of MANY ( not just 1 and way later in 1948 )great nations , with innumerable inhabitants , replete with modernization beyond belief -

The humanitarians of the world that would always feel compassion for the sufferings of others -

The placing of Gods law and Word in the by laws and wordings of the starting foundations of their singular nations -

Material wealth beyond measure -

The explorers , conquerers of the wild , the problem solvers , the inventers ...

These clues and so many more fit the anglo saxon and kindred folk to a tee . It's way past time we took back the reins from the hirelings who lead us into destruction .
Their day to answer fast approaches .

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Wolf's Press - in rereading your comments , I thought of another point I may not of addressed .
My comment has not been printed yet so I can't remember if I quoted relevant scripture or not .

The Law , Gods Word , was given only to true Israel . Only Israel has to answer for sin ( which is plainly defined in 1 John 3 : 4 as simply violating Gods law ) .

The law that was done away with is simply the animal sacrifices laws and a keeping of the law FOR salvations sake .
Didn't Christ castigate the white washed sepulchres that faked righteousness ?

We are the only ones guilty of sin .

The Word was not directed towards other races , but can they benefit ?
Certainly , but by indirect means . Meaning to implement His precepts on their own land somewhere else .

How can anyone miss the first part of His sentence when He said - Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets ...

But they skip right over that to form a totally different take on it - I can not to destroy but to fulfill . Christ fulfilled prophecy and accomplished so much more than we even realize .

And quite simply put - how do you have a kingdom without a King ... or without a law ? It's all a matter of who you will install on the throne . They knew what they were doing when they fought for separation of church and state .

They will not have Christ rule over them and they're determined we share in their fate -

Acts 17 : 4 - 13
John 11 : 45 - 57

Before anyone argues the point about the injuns were here first
( which I certainly disagree with ) or the inhabitants in Dt. 7 were there first , it doesn't matter . It's all Gods to do with as He pleases -

Deuteronomy 32 : 7 - 9

But in all honesty , considering that even most of our people will not accept this , what do you think are the odds of other races assenting ?

Wolf's Press said...

Great job putting your beliefs on paper.
May I assume after reading your comments, that the other races really have no God? That the God of the Bible really considers white's to be his chosen people? That all this time, I was pissed at the audacity of the Jews to claim that they were God's chosen people and now I'm to find out that in actuality whites are?
That the "Jews" of today, are impostors with no legitimate claim to Yahweh of the Old Testament? (That point I will yield)
Now this still leaves the question of what to do with all the non whites? Are they to be ignored once Christ comes back to establish his kingdom? What are we to do with them until then? Are they to be punished by their creator, just for wearing the color of skin in which he gave them? Was Christ only speaking to people with white skin when he said, "Believe in me and you shall be saved"? When he told his followers to preach the gospel to all the world, was he just talking about the white world? Are all nonwhites nothing more than the spawn of Cain? Isn't that kinda bitchy of the old man to create someone and then curse him before he's born? How is that fair? Have you ever wondered how differently you'd see the world if you were born a nigger? I might tend to be a bit pissed off myself.

I don't ask these questions to be sarcastic. I ask them to see how well the answers stand up to the light of reason. Yes, faith may be the foundation of Christianity but reason still underpins all human endeavor. Now, I don't ask these things because of preconceived notions either. I ask because I have read the scriptures. I have studied what the best minds in history had to say about them. I have read about the love in which Christ spoke and I'm trying to reconcile a loving God with one who would be racially bigoted towards Germans or Khazars, either one. IF he is the only God. Now if he is our God and there are other God's who function for non whites, then we are talking about another matter. There are many who follow a faith that has room for Yahweh and other Gods(polytheism) and yet state unequivocally that there is a creator, who is unknowable, who lords over these lessor God's. I don't make this up. Its a common theme down through the ages. This would allow room for racial Gods.

Here's my biggest problem in a nutshell. Here I've been fighting the whole Jewish supremacist thing for years and years and along come some, who like you Jeff and yes, like even Apo (:O), who now tell me I am one and the object of my concerns are really just pretenders!!!!! That I'm the real son of a bitch that I've been hating all this time! I gotta say Jeff, that's a pretty quantum jump for me. Now I can tell you really believe what you are saying(and I'm not saying you are wrong) and I have nothing but respect for you but I'm trying to understand if you realize, that from the outside looking in, you guys look like Jews in white clothing. Or at least that's what you aspire to be. To take the Jews place as God's favorites. No disrespect intended and I hope you don't take it that way. Now if you'd like to clarify, take the floor and I will listen.

Wolf's Press said...

There is also the issue, that if we are the people of the Old Testament, then we are the one's responsible for his crucifixion. Which would mean we are the one's who turned against Christ and God and thereby opened salvation and redemption to the "gentile", who in actuality would be the nonwhites, at that point. It gets rather confusing.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

WP - I'm trying to figure out how I did a good job in explaining the basic understandings of true Christianity / identities and yet still you hit at these same points as if I didn't .
I think it's the overall idea/ concept you reject , without really searching to prove/disprove .

I'll say right off , I see a bit of the mocker in you but that's standard fare for our folk . We gotta stop thinking solely with our hearts though . Dig into that Word we profess to believe in .

Truly , taken at face value and leaning onto our own understanding as we naturally do ( if you've read scripture , you'll know where I'm quoting from and when), God may not seem fair . Did you bother even looking those scriptures up ?

Why did I take the time to include that part about the Canaanite woman
( cause I knew what yer retort would be ) - I could of stopped at - He came for Israel only ? You missed the whole point or didn't care .

Regardless of your eternal doubt , I have tried to imagine what I would do if I was a nigger ( to use the term you sought to inflame with ) so as to counter that ludicrous arguement
( I'll praise God for that fact , you complain about being white if ya wanna ).

In your zeal to attack your own , did you even consider what I said about supremacy ? Yer more worried about it than me . We don't want to lord it over no one .
If they aint here , according to His law , they can't be
"exploited or abused" , now can they ?

Why is it some have no problem with the jews grabbing hold of an identity that's not theirs , but when it's proven to be a farce when the REAL
Mr. Smith shows up ...
well , that's different . It's them damnable white supremacists again .
Have you really shaken off all the lies yet ?

So the jews are proven to be a fake and you feel like you've been let down -cheated , cause all this time you've been fighting and exposing them and now you've lost out ... how ? Are they still not the same wicked bunch that have done all these things , having just been wrongly identified ?
Where is this insurmountable quantum leap of faith you speak of ?

Are you one of those guys who will always deflect it back , well ... whites are evil too ?
Certainly , Christ said the proselyte was TWICE as guilty as the Pharisee and we will deal with our own .

If you've done all this reading and studying of fine writings , you would know the jews have stated themselves , in their own writings , that they are not the Israelites of scripture . That they are indeed linked with the phariseeism of Christs day . That they are linked with
Esau/Edom of old .
What do you know of perpetual warfare ?

But yer right about us looking in the mirror and hating ourselves . We are our own worse enemy .
Daily we fight against our God and it's a battle we'll not win .

Reason ... based upon whose analysis ?
Who supplies the foundation ? The final say ? Will you run Gods Word and his law thru the filter you deign fit to define what's just and fitting ? Wow , that's a new one (not).

If you got a problem accepting God as He is , well , you'll get yer chance to
"intellectually debate" with Him later . Cause yer arguement is with Him .

If the other races want to have their voodoo gods or whatever rocks their world , that's their affair . There is no welcome mat out for polytheism in any white country . If you haven't figured it out yet that's one of many sins that are bringing us down - better get to cracking at them study links .

Go back to the olden days , when all were in their own land with their own gods . Let their gods prosper them and let the world once again see the blessings of the true God in comparision to the heathen . If it's that liberalism that still beckons within you , you'll not change the heathen .
But we just wont pay Him heed when He warns us .

You call it supremacy if you want , but if we support and help these heathens and their various gods , it's to our detriment . Our God is tolerant of no other . And yes I will state , knowing how you'll reply , I believe all their gods are false . Which God is it you call upon ?

Why is it so many are so concerned about other races , all the while yours is being destroyed . Anybody can benefit from His law .

No murderers - shoot 'em

No rapists - " "

No repeat , repeat , repeat offenders - "

No monopolies

No unjust rulers

Why do you think we need to hold their hand ? It boils down to being moral , respectful and decent . But some cannot grasp these ways of life . THEY ARE DIFFERENT .

Now that Orion and Bill hit the fields , he done left the gate open . I wont get by every few minutes , so why not check out a few links ? Why is it that every thing must be presented front and center for each and every one that demands it now ?

If your quest is true , you'll be convinced one way or the other . I can't be a recreational piece for ya but will do what I can . Put a lil time and effort into study . I've been at this for just over 20 years , others much more . So I'd appreciate a little courtesy on yer part and honest searching . I've tried to help my folk to the best of my ability .

Pursue it or not - now you must decide .

Neither Christ nor the disciples / prophets had an easy time speaking with our folk . Maybe we're getting an inkling of why they were oft stoned and beaten . What did He say - the servant is not above the master - if they do these things to me ...

Similiarly , no disrespect intended .
Do with this as you will .

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"if we are the people of the Old Testament, then we are the one's responsible for his crucifixion. Which would mean we are the one's who turned against Christ and God ..."

Indeed it does , and yes we are .

The jews stir and incite the indoctrinated masses of our folk , in whose eyes they've already demonized our God - who then yell , yet again , crucify Him ! Nothing new under the sun .

They enter not into the kingdom and they're gonna make sure you don't get in either ( Christs words ).

(speaking generalities concerning our folk remember)

Does not this Christ I present you with receive the same response ? We crucify and refuse Him anew .
A people rejecting their King and only hope .

"thereby opened salvation and redemption to the "gentile", who in actuality would be the nonwhites, at that point. It gets rather confusing.

Well first off , I think we got the term gentile all wrong .

Why was it translated as such when the word simply means nations in the greek ? And was used in a couple different contexts . Those scriptures I quoted cannot be undone by misuse of a word and a redefining of it .

Which end of that arguement holds the greater constraints on the other - going unto Israel only , who is scattered among the nations / gentiles OR Go unto Israel only but still go to all others . Makes no sense .

Scripture cannot negate scripture . If there's no logical continuity to it , it's confusion . The inability to understand is shortcomings on our part alone . Gods Word is not contradictory . We have to try harder .

And don't get discouraged man . Like Solomon said - with much wisdom
(understanding) comes much sorrow . But he counseled we seek it regardless . Goes with the walk , one must strive to understand .

He didn't promise us smooth sailing when we went astray , particularly considering how far along we now are in disobedience .

What meant more to ya ? Losing something and turning around and there it was .
Or losing something and having to really put some sweat into locating it ?

Nothing worthwhile is free .

A treasure has more value when the hard drive to obtain it finally pays off .

Proverbs 25 : 2

How bad you wanna understand ? Line upon line , precept upon precept . Milk before meat . Or it'll simply not digest . All must take that road .

We have been blessed with the power to discern . There are some good preachers out there and they should be given serious consideration ... on what God has to say , even if it's not specifically what we wanna hear . That should have no bearing on it .

There is so much to be obtained in just reading some of these 3 or 4 dollar pamphlets . You'll never learn as much in any college . Compare right along with the Bible as you read - you are encouraged to do so .

Alright man , I'm calling it a day ... at last . Been a long 'un .
Praying God will continue to open all our eyes , mine included cause I aint got it all figured out either .

Wolf's Press said...

Well Jeff, that was a rather stinging commentary. I don't think you answered one point I brought up though. WHY?
Perhaps I asked to much of you, though I'm not picking on you. I extended the same challenge to Apollonian once and he failed even more miserably at answering it than you.
Do you know why you failed?
Because you confuse myth with reality. Faith with objectivity. Promise with results.
Fact: There is only one place in all the world that presents the story of Jesus Christ as an historical figure.....that being the gospel scriptures. Outside of those post contemporary writings, he never existed to anyone else. This man, who supposedly healed the sick, fed thousands with a couple fish and a few loaves of bread, raised the dead, attracted multitudes to hear him speak, was crucified and RAISED FROM THE DEAD and seen by hundreds, is not so much as mentioned in any contemporary source. No Roman, of whom there were plenty around, ever bothered to write one sentence that we can find, commenting on his extraordinary 3 year whirlwind tour. Outside of the gospel, you have nothing to stand on concerning Jesus Christ. SO, it is a matter of faith, since you have no concrete evidence. Not even a stone likeness to go by. We don't even know for sure what color he might have been AND YOU LECTURE ME AS SOME AUTHORITARIAN? I NEED TO STUDY?
We do however know that there are at least 16 different savior stories, all of which predate the story of Jesus. Most of them are at least as well documented as the gospel story, which might not say much, depending on one's perspective. It is much easier, makes much more sense and is becoming much more accepted to follow the most logical train of thought and realize that the gospel story is in reality an amalgamation of earlier savior myths, packaged for the time in which it was written. He(Christ) is the son(sun) of God. The light of the world. The giver of life. He, who follows the astrological cycle of life and death, having died every year on the Southern Cross on Dec 22 and raised from death once again over the horizon on Dec 25, to once again bring forth hope for new life in the seasons to come. It is a VERY old story. As is all of the bible. A collection of very old myths and legends, passed down from times long forgotten.
Now on the issue of polytheism, you are quite wrong about that. Your ancestors, all Northern European ancestors were polytheistic. They were so, until forcefully converted by the Christian Priests who tortured them until they gave up the religion of their fathers. That sir is documented by contemporary sources and backed up with archeological findings. That documented source being the very church that brought about the change. It's no myth handed down. The documents still exist in Europe.
So, did I have my mind made up? Yes but I opened up the floor for you and have tried to remain polite and cordial. As well as open to answers,of which I got none that I recognized. I'm not going to go stick my head in the scriptures and hope to be led by the spirit. I was hoping you could just put it into words for me in a way that a layman could understand. Sorry, that was a tall order but not a surprise. With Christians, no matter the sect, it always seems one must be indoctrinated within the fold to understand the hidden meanings of the thousands of interpretations of scripture within the overall Christian movement. Don't feel put upon, no other Christian has ever met that challenge either. Although there are MANY, MANY flavors of that word Christian and you are all, collectively about a far apart as the Earth and Moon.
Study? I'm 46 years old and I've been looking at this very subject from many angles, since I was 16. I've seen a few points of view in that time.
Niggers? An inflammatory term? I don't know, I doubt there's been a day gone by in the last 35 years that I haven't used the term in some manner. I hate the mother fuckers but I think there's room for them in the world.....just not near me. I don't really give a shit about them but I was curious what answers you have for their disposition. Hell, I'm a member of the Son's of Confederate Veterans and had several documented ancestors in the officer corps of the Confederacy. My people fought in the Revolution and held generations of black slaves. I am no liberal. I look up to Hitler and envy what the Nazi's were able to accomplish. Yet, I see the garbage that infects my people. I don't worship every white person nor do I hate my people. I do though see the rot in their religion and in their runover culture. All the races are due for a major cleansing. It is coming.

I leave you with a question that I answered a long time ago for myself:

Isn't it a lot easier, to hate your enemies and pursue their destruction, without the crutch of religion hanging over you. Do you really need God's permission to slaughter your fellow man? Why not be man enough to carry the blood on your own shoulders without being able to say, "God told me to do it"? Hitler didn't need it. The SS didn't need it. I don't need it. If you do, if you are to weak to carry it on your own, I understand. We can't all travel that solitary road of self responsibility, where when the wind howls, our only comfort lays within the sanctum of our inner most hatred towards those around us, who we find different from ourselves. That goes for everyone, white or colored. Putrid humanity, all. How important is it really, which turd floats to the top of the rotten barrel?

Wolf's Press said...

I see Jeff, that we have been crossing comments and I give you credit for working to answer some of my questions, to the best of your ability. It's a stretch and possibly an impossible one. You just don't have that much to work with, outside of your own heart. I'm sure it's a good one. We are chasing shadows here. Sorry I pinned you against the wall with this. What do say, we move on before we piss each other off? Don't want that.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

WP - I had the distinct feeling this was where we were heading but continued for any others sake .
But I believe you are correct in saying we're just gonna end up pissing each other off . I no more will give ground on my beliefs and convictions on Christ than you will on yer own views . Whatever comeback I could muster would forever fall short , as yours towards me would .
As always , we'll have to let the passage of time prove what is what and who is who .

Wolf's Press said...

A noble response my friend and extended in true Aryan fashion. Let us leave this point where it stands, with honor still on the table for both sides and go on towards points of mutual agreement. Despite our differences on certain issues, who among us would not stand up for the other against an attack on our core racial existence? I always told others growing up that my brother and I could rip each others teeth out, but no one better not lay a hand on either one of us, or they'd have us both to deal with. As it should be. Carry on brother.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

James - my sentiments exactly .

Onward ...

Anonymous said...

Ignorant Babbling Does Not Serve Christian, White Causes
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 08)

Gad what a bunch of idiots' babbling by a couple of brainless, ignorant white niggers, "Wolf's Press" and "Jeff."

Both these white niggers pretend they know so much--and babble and babble, but say nothing.

What a pair: one of them, "Jeff," pretends to know all about Christianity, but can't say anything without babbling on and on--but who wants to pretend it's such mysterious thing only he knows about.

The other, "Wolf's Press" pretends also he knows all about it, but that he, the little shit, is above and beyond it all, ignorant little bastard.

But if anyone really wants to know anything substantial about dear Christianity--then ck the next blog, "Comments...," 11 Nov 08, comments. Also ck for Apollonian expo at, under "commentary." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian