Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Terrible Tommy Twofer!

Yes, tonight we broadcast not one but two shows from Wednesday, November 19, 2008!

The first show features Tommy and Guerrilla Frank as they discuss issues too numerous to mention here. Another A1 show!

Click here for show A!

On show B, Tommy plays different programs he recorded from left wing radio. Get an insight into the enemy mind, it will help you when you discuss these issues with the opposition, whether verbally or physically. Finally, the last half of the show has Tommy and Lone Wolf Wall Street discussing economic issues, always a subject of interest to genuine revolutionaries.

Click here for show B!

If you want to hear more, sign up for Tommy's Insurgent Radio, the radio show listened to by more insurgents than any other! And for one 20 dollar bill a month. With those savings, you can buy all the ammo you need for the coming revolution! Freedom is an AK!

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