Saturday, November 1, 2008

Do You Know What Happened To Billy The Kid?

I spent Holloween handing out candy on the porch, just enjoying the nice weather and the excited chatter of little white children, the girls dressed up as princesses or fairies, the boys in transformer or Army costumes with their rifles, when up walked a little cowboy, complete with cowboy hat, bandana and six guns on his hip. I said, "Well hey there Tex, What's up partner?"

Him: Trick or treat.
Me: Aren't you supposed to say "stick 'em up?"
Him: Nope.
Me: Are you that famous Outlaw, Billy the Kid?
Him: Nope, I'm a cowboy.
Me: Where's your horse then, Cowboy?
Him: In the garage, Mom wouldn't let me bring him.
Me: Haha alright then Tex, here ya go, happy holloween.
Him. (watching the candy drop in his bag with a happy grin) Happy Holloween!

I watched him mosey on down across the street where my elderly neighbor was sitting to rustle up another load of goodies and I thought...Wonder if the old man thinks about Billy the Kid sometimes. We all miss him eventually.


Armed with Knowledge said...

cute story!

Orion said...

He was the only cowboy that I saw that night, and I thought of the billy the kid song when I saw him, that's why I asked if he were billy the kid. I remember when I used to dress up cowboy and ride my stick horse with the plastic reins, my cap six guns ablazing!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Yep , if all it was about was cute younguns getting a treat there'd be no grief about this "holiday." So much meanness they tie into it today .

Yeah , I was broncing my ol trusty stick horse too , twin .45 cap guns . Long live that cowboy spirit !