Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm a Good Ole Rebel

Everytime I visit VA Reb's site (in season, out of season - on my blogroll), my southern blood gets to going. Here's a youtube video that expresses my feelings exactly. I'm mighty proud that my ancestors fought against her, and i won't let my ancestors down when it's my turn. I'm sure a lot of my non-southerner friends feel exactly the same.


Wolf's Press said...

When you ride....
Hold your head up high....
And ride like you rode with Forrest.

Whether during the war....or after.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

'preciate yer kind words brother.
Great vid . Yep , let's keep them troops stirred and riled up ... there's mean business at hand to tend to .

Trying to keep caught up on my rounds of the blogs but each day seems packed with relevant work that knows no end .

Aaah , but he loves the smell of gun powder in the morning !

Anonymous said...

Declaration Of Independence Is Monument To Southern Cause
(Apollonian, 15 Nov 08)

I'm one of those born in yankee-land (New Jersey), fm yank parents, one fm Chicago, other fm Boston.

I was raised w. firm "conviction"--actually just a prejudice founded in moralistic-type righteousness--yanks were right, and those darned southerners--why, they kept SLAVES, gasp! So fm a young age, steeped in that sanctimony and righteousness to effect SLAVERY is so abhorrent, I was so incredibly, literally mindlessly biased against the Southern cause.

But then . . . what happened?--well, I guess I just started to think about it all, thinking in a serious manner. First, it took many, many years, but finally I had to realize, GOOD GOD, BUT THOSE NIGGERS JUST AREN'T OUR PEOPLE, u know? I mean Southerners--at least they're white, u know?

And of course, at bottom (of my mind), the logic of Southern cause was inescapable, un-deniable: hey, if people don't want to be part of a "marriage"--why can't they get a divorce?--what are we, after all--slaves ourselves?--to this idiotic marriage, called the "union"?

And finally then, I read Thomas J. DiLorenzo's "The Real Lincoln"--what a great book (though not without its own problems, though minor). DiLorenzo himself doesn't like slavery, typical academic--but at least he has the honesty to admit the simple truth: HEY, WHAT DID AND DOES THE "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" SAY?--nothing different fm what Southerners said--they wanted a divorce, okay?

For power ascends--it comes fm the people, the individuals. And the states are and were perfectly competent to speak for the people regarding the UNION and secession and divorce therefrom.

And just as the Declaration of Independence affirms the right to secession, so the Southern States had the VERY SAME, EXACT right, unquestionably. But historical circumstances were too much against the rebels, at the time, I'm afraid. There were too many yanks willing to die to enforce the slavery of the Southern folk, as we now know.

I listened to the blog-topical song, and I gotta say I don't understand the one line about "hating the Declaration of Independence," as that is most perfect statement of Southern cause--their right to secede. It could have been named the "Declaration of Secession"--Independence is same essential thing, u know.

Anyway, it doesn't matter--FACTS REMAIN FACTS, and Southerners, and all white people too, still have the same rights according to the natural law. And this time we're going to be victorious; it's just we have to do it (secede) in more effective manner, more promising of success and victory.

Thus patriots need to focus on precisely the problem(s) most at issue--JEWS and their subjectivistic, moralistic suck-alongs--there are still too many of them, too powerful. What can we, must we, should we DO?

And that uniting bond we have among the patriotic host must be more pronounced: the cause of Christian truth against Jew lies. Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--covers potentially ALL people, not just whites, u know--we can and should use it against these infernal Jews and associated criminal conspirators.

For in truth, the real enemy nowadays is same as it was back in mid-19th cent., socialistic consolidation of a statist central government, this specifically backed by Jew bankers--VERY SAME ENEMIES.

But patriots today must understand the enemy much better--yes, they're Jews, but what exactly do these Jews stand for?--how do these filthy hook-nose monsters actually work?--answer: they deny the OBJECTIVE reality (hence Christian truth), and use Pharisaist-moralism founded in "good-evil" as excuse for all their frauds, crimes, conspiracies, and usurpations.

Further, never forget, these Jews have to have something ALREADY THERE to be able to work with, over-populated, hubristic, narcissistic gentile dupes--these are now in shorter supply presently, as they've been so much and so largely expended over the years previous to present-day, though there are still quite a few left.

CONCLUSION: Leaders of these gentile traitors then are critical: Pharisaists and Pelagian hereticalists they are in general, in the first place, esp. then "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, these preaching "Jesus was a Jew" (hence a Talmudist); these are primary enemies, hence primary targets--they can STILL be handled by peaceful methods, as by still free INTERNET, which internet has not been good for Jews over the latest recent few years, Jews notoriously incapable of standing in the light of truth. Thus is one of those most effective agents for dissemination of such crushing truth. Keep up ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian