Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kevin McDonald on Jewish Intellectual Movements

If you ever wanted to know about the jewish role in the different movements that have affected your life and the life of whole civilizations, one should read this fascinating book. Professor McDonald documents it all in this book that can be found at White Reference, which is in my blogroll.


Here, the professor discusses the jewish role in communism and other distructive roles in Western Society.

Here's a radio interview with the Professor. Some interesting insights!


Anonymous said...

[Here, below-copied, is my capsule, brief, overall analysis of the large Jew-problem--it's actually just a huge, tremendous CRIMINAL conspiracy, after all is said and done. A.]

Who/What Are Jews?--Criminal Conspirators, Psychopaths, Well-Led And -Organized, So Successful In Present Stage Of Cyclic History
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 08)

African Warrior (see TheJewishConspiracyExposed.wordpress.com, "The British...," 18 Nov 08, comments): (a) Observe Jews control COUNTERFEIT scam/operation/mechanism, the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Fed counterfeiting.

(b) Once one controls the money--COUNTERFEITING at will--one owns and controls EVERYTHING else, literally.

Thus Jews own and control mass-corporate Jews-media (see Natall.com, "Who Rules America?," bottom, frontpage), politics, judiciary, bureaucracy, education--everything. Note all large corporations are controlled by Jews. Most stock investors are Jews, most stock-brokers are Jews, huge percentages (far larger than share of population) of lawyers, doctors, etc., are Jews.

Jews, by means of funding, even control "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.), also known as "Christian-Zionists" and "Evangelicals." Jews publish the infamous and best-selling "Scofield Bible" which is (naturally) adulterated to favor Jews, "Christians" persuaded they should serve Jews, preaching heresy, for thematic example, that "Jesus was a Jew" (hence Talmudist).

Jews contribute at least 35% of campaign funds to Repubs, at least 60% to Dems, and Jews control the electronic voting corporations--like all the larger corporations, again.

So u see, Jews just run a large, general CRIMINAL conspiracy, all fueled, again, by that basic COUNTERFEIT scam/operation. For Jews are foremost criminals as they worship it as religion--see RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo.

What we gentiles need then is same that basic JEW-EXPULSION, as of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. But gentiles have to come together for that real Christianity which is absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

Thus as CYCLIC history (according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler) and socio-biology (see KevinMacDonald.net) continue to deteriorate, people (who survive) will evermore see Jews (esp. Israel) behind all the terrorism, Jews always profiting, gentiles always suffering, etc.

And note as gentiles wane, Jew parasites themselves become evermore over-populated, Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) now falling-out significantly, CFR-Bilderberg agents, Walt-Mearsheimer pt.-ing "finger" at "The Israel Lobby."

CONCLUSION: Thus we gentile patriots work best to operate in accord w. such CYCLIC history--we have excellent prospects still with functioning free INTERNET and neat sites like TheJewishConspiracyExposed.wordpress.com. Keep up all ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

African Warrior on November 19, 2008
Jew Bolshevik, Lenin said something about controlling opposition.
BNP smells like another Jew controlled opposition movement, similar to the Republican party!
Anyone know any comparisons between BNP and Republican party?(tricks jews use)

Anonymous said...

If you go to this BNP list about +20% of it are of jewish lineage (includes CofE & RC converts).

Of course, there are plenty of gentiles for camouflage.


JD (smile - click)