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Radical Traditionalism and The Kali Yuga

I've been doing a lot of reading over this holiday period on Theosophy, the Root Races, Hindu Cosmology and the calendars of the Egyptians and Mayans, triggered by an email I got from a friend about December 21, 2012. I then remembered an article that William A. White (aka Bill White) wrote on Radical Traditionalism and thought I'd post it in case you've never read it. Interesting stuff. By the way, if you're curious about Ancient Aryan Religions you might find this link interesting. Fascinating that the Aryans were so perceptive about the age of the Universe and the concept of cyclic ages.

Radical Traditionalism
An Overview Of The Aryan Faith

1/17/2005 1:46:16 PM
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Bill White

Commentary -- Radical Traditionalism is both the quest for and the adherence to the worldview of the Aryan people prior to the Hyperborean and Atlantean migrations – a worldview handed to them directly by the divine.
While Traditionalism is a total worldview that permeates every aspect of human development, what follows is a summary of those beliefs that are more “controversial” in their direct opposition to the demonic-Judaic perspective that permeates Modern thought.

(I will note that I attempt to explain the concepts below in common Modern English, with a minimum of foreign or ancient terms. While the original terms give more precise meaning to the concepts presented, they tend to distract the Modern reader, who lack the education to understand them.)

Cyclic Decline and Fundamental Duality

Traditionalism posits a world of conflict between good and evil, order and disorder. The nature of Time is cyclic. Time repeats over very long periods, known as cycles. Time – the deity Mahakala – is inherently destructive. Time begins in Order and ends in Disorder.

Further, this decline from Order to Disorder is divided into periods which correspond to the division of human beings into castes (see below). Each period is defined by the caste that dominates and rules. In the beginning, there is the direct rule of God on Earth as manifest in human avatars (human beings whom God possesses and utilizes to do his will). This is followed by the rule of priests, then warriors, then merchants, then slaves.

The current period of democracy and communism is the rule of slaves – the Kali Yuga or “Death Age”. When this age concludes, the heavens will open, the Gods will lead the righteous from the Heavens, a great battle will destroy the surface of the Earth, the forces of Disorder will be destroyed, and from the ashes of the great destruction will emerge a new Golden Age, where God will again live and rule on Earth, and a new cycle.

Man exists within the context of the Cycles, and cannot alter them. Man, however, has a relationship to Time. Most Men exist within Time, meaning that they are a product of the current stage of disintegration, and that their ideas and their actions cannot rise above the expectations of their age. Some Men are above Time, meaning that they are able to transcend the current stage of disintegration and find personal harmony with the Order of the Universe. Most importantly are the rare Men against Time, who are actually able to manifest, on Earth, a world that exists outside of and against the Cycles – who create a society which mirrors the Order of a less decadent age.

Human Caste Divisions

Humanity is divided by purpose, and these purposes are reflected by Castes. Roughly, there are priests, warriors, merchants and workers, below them being out-castes, above them being Gods manifest in human form (Avatara or Avatars).

Each human being is what it is, and happiness and harmony for the individual is in being what one is – not more, and not less. A worker exists to work, not to lead or to contemplate the cosmos, whereas a member of the priestly or leadership caste exists to maintain the order and structure of society, not to accumulate wealth.

Those doctrines which attribute the goals of one Caste to another (by asserting, say, that all human motivation can be reduced to the accumulation of wealth), or the functions of one Caste to another (by demanding, say, that the workers participate in government through the casting of votes), are destructive and disorderly, and tend to move forward the processes of Time.

It should be noted that despite the hierarchical division of humanity into Castes, that there is not a hierarchical division of the inherent worth of human beings – i.e., a worker (sudra) is not inherently “less valuable” than a priest or leader (brahmin). Each thing is valued as it is, and the purpose of the leadership Caste is not to oppress or enslave the workers, but merely to direct their labor for the good of the larger social organism. The worker, in such a system, is not “despised” or looked down upon, but appreciated insofar as he or she manifests the nature of their inner being, and performs their given function. Such a notion of hierarchical division without moral approbation is alien to the current Modern age, and such alienation is a product of the Death Cycle (Kali Yuga).

Human Race Divisions

The race to which the Tradition was given was White, and that race came from the North and spread across the Earth, giving that Tradition to the other peoples it encountered. The major cultures that emerged from Tradition are the Mayan, Northern European (Nordic-Celtic-Germanic-Slavic), Mediterranean (Greco-Roman), Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese. All of those cultures find their origin in members of the White race who, fleeing from the North, encountered them and taught them Traditional ways. In some of those cultures, Whites became biologically integrated with the native peoples, and in others, Whites continue to live and predominate.

Tradition is not, however, a particularly “racist” worldview. As with human intra-racial division in Castes, Tradition sees a natural order and hierarchy among the races. Each race exists as it is, and finds nobility in being what it is, and fulfilling the role which was given to it. The fact that the Black race is less capable than the White race, for instance, does not imply a “hatred” or dislike of Blacks, but merely an appreciation of them as they are.

What a Traditionalist would object to, however, is a system of world “order” that reversed or opposed natural hierarchies, and attempted to place races into roles that they are unsuited for. For instance, as the White race is naturally superior in ability to the other races and has also been blessed with special knowledge and enlightenment not given to others, the White race should dominate in any world Order, and any attempt to order the peoples so as to give domination to a different race is inherently evil.

Not surprisingly, when one looks into what group of people tend to dominate and lead schemes to disrupt the natural Order of the universe, and set lesser races above greater ones, and lesser castes above greater castes, one finds the Jew. Jews are literal demons on Earth, manifest in human form, and cannot be considered “human” any more than the Avatara are “human”. Jews are devils who take human bodies, but are spiritually distinct and different from both Men and Gods.

The seeming “victory” of the Jew over Humanity and the Divine is a sign that the final age is nearing its end. When the Jew rules the Earth, then the final battle will occur, and the Jewish race will be annihilated and forbidden to return until the end of the next Golden Age.

Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler was an Avatara – a human being in which the God of Order chose to manifest himself for a brief time, as a sign to Humanity, and as a fulfillment of Prophecy.

From time to time, during the disintegration of Order, God returns to Earth and manifests himself in Men in order to teach or to make manifest some aspect of Himself. Genghis Khan is a good example of God, in his aspect as Destroyer, manifest in the flesh. The Khan marched across the Earth destroying everything, sweeping entire races and religions clean from its face, then died and within a century left nothing. Such was the chastisement of decadent peoples.

Similarly, Hitler was possessed by God and used as a tool to show the followers of Order and Tradition that God has not forsaken them in this final age, and that he still is able to raise his armies and his people from nothing when he so chooses. This sign was important, as some had come to lose hope that, as the Ages marched forward, God himself would die, and that the situation on Earth was so far gone that no restoration was possible. God showed, through Hitler, that the possibility always exist, as the ways of God transcend the apparent limitations of the material universe.

Hitler led the people of Germany into a society of Harmony and Order that did battle with, to the West, Jewish capitalism, and, to the East, Jewish Bolshevism. Not only did he demonstrate that Traditional society can be restored, but, in leading the people first into Tradition then into battle with the forces of evil, he called up millions of souls to Valhalla, where they fill the ranks of the army that will emerge in the end times to do final battle with the Jews and their followers here on Earth.


The above is a summary of those Traditionalist views that are most “controversial” in the context of the current Judaized Modern moral and intellectual norms. As Evola and others have pointed out, what is amusing about the Modern Age is that such radical “normality” as manifest in the above pages seems, to the Modern decadent, decidedly “abnormal”, another manifestation of the transfixation of values by those consumed by disintegration.

The above views do represent some peculiarities of the Traditional view to which I adhere, and are derived primarily from the researches and revelations of Julius Evola and Savitri Devi. As the Tradition is, to a large degree, “lost”, and there are differences of interpretations and meanings, one cannot see this as dogma, but as merely an outline of the Traditional worldview.


Wolf's Press said...

Simply......fantastic! A wonderful and exciting read!

Orion said...

I always enjoyed visiting William's site and reading his stuff. No matter what one thinks of him, the guy is well read and intelligent. I have been an overthrow reader since his waning days as a leftist anarchist, and I hope he makes it through his current troubles.

William's travels through the political spectrum reminds me a lot of Goebbels.