Monday, November 24, 2008

St. Louis No Longer No. 1

New Orleans takes the slot as the most dangerous city in America. St. Louis dropped to number 4, most likely because the city skewed the stats. Here we find the city busy containing the damage instead of warning people of the danger:

For the past two years, St. Louis has served as de facto headquarters of the crime-ranking resistance. The St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association hired public-relations giant Fleishman Hillard to discredit the annual rankings. The firm has orchestrated attacks by criminologists and mayors groups.

St. Louis reactionary story Here.

Isn't it strange that the most dangerous cities in Turd World America are Majority Black? Why is that? The top 10 cities are all majority Mud. (opens in PDF)

By contrast, the safest cities are all Bright and shiny Majority White. (opens in PDF)

I'm sure the new Obama administration will fix that by handing out vouchers to DIEversify the remaining White areas.

Your choice folks. You can watch your country slide down the same hell that South Africa has, or you can do something about it.

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