Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Tale Of Two Countries

There is no longer any question of what must be done. The fools who think they can win by the ballot or the jury box are of no use to revolutionaries. They will go down in a sea of Turd World sewage clinging with their last breath the idea that change can be brought about peacefully. We have tried this for the last 60 years. Only fools believe such delusion, and they must be sweep aside if we are to save ourselves from this insanity.

Do you want to live like this? Another South Africa, where even gated communities cannot protect you? Is this what you want for your posterity? IT WILL HAPPEN if you decide like your ancestors to do nothing and pledge your allegiance to an illegitimate government instead of your people.

Or you can have this. This is what your ancestors fought to destroy so that today you are ruled by a Mulatto, just like Egypt was on her descent into a fossilized society to which she has never recovered in over 3000 years. Yes, you can have this once again, But it will not come without a price. The decision is yours, and it needs to be made soon.

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Anonymous said...

Cyclic Nature Of History Should Not Be Under-Estimated
(Apollonian, 5 Nov 08)

Of course comrade Orion, u bring up excellent pt.: WHAT NOW WILL WHITE PATRIOTS DO? For indubitably, we need successful revolution to secure white race--how then to accomplish this?

In large scheme of things, don't doubt ballot and jury box will play their part, but these surely are merely ancillary, marginal, and supplemental, indubitably, as u rather indicate in ur inimitable manner.

Note then ACTION requires (a) Planning, which requires (b) analysis, which requires (c) accurate, incisive OBSERVATION.

Hence one most interesting, useful, and salient observation, I submit, is circumstantial HISTORIC CYCLIC PHASE/stage of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler: for things are surely CULMINATING evermore. And in this way of natural historical, cyclic culmination, things are actually favoring white folk in certain, un-deniable ways.

And I agree w. Dave Duke ( that present adverse situation will indubitably serve to help unite white folks.

Thus one good thing is to take stock of useful things favoring white people, as by way of INFORMATION, specifically then by way of blogging on MIGHTY INTERNET--ZOG-Mammon is rightly greatly distressed and must make effort to treat this untenable situation, providing patriots then invincible position to set up FATAL AMBUSH--it's going to happen, comrades.

Finally then, I want to emphasize a still under-estimated feature of ever-growing significance: continuing CONSOLIDATION of Christian cultural foundation of white and gentile people. For we white folk have allies among ALL races and peoples who appreciate REASON AND TRUTH--and this must and should not be under-estimated.

And I personally want to emphasize that tremendous RATIONALIST expression, influence, and enhancement potential of Christian spirit--ESPECIALLY FOR MILITARY PURPOSES. "Think not I came to bring peace; rather I came to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34), Christ told us fm the literature, officially consecrated by perhaps the greatest anti-semite of all time, St. Constantine the Great.

Hence then it's encouraging to consider the tremendous RECRUITMENT prospects for those myriads of people who presently imagine they're "Christian"--and who genuinely seek that Christian insight and inspiration--but who haven't quite registered certain specific and critical information.

For example, imagine how many dear, good, aspiring Christian neophytes--even those who are advanced fm mere faint beginnings--there are who have yet to discover the FUNDAMENTAL, intrinsic ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) of real, true Christianity. These recruits must and will learn, indubitably, regarding true nature and essence of that Christianity to which they so excellently aspire--we should not fail to encourage them.

CONCLUSION: And imagine the righteous outrage of those millions and millions of "Christians" (YES) who will react to that fatal truth as to how they've been so horribly mis-led and deceived by Jew-friendly and Jew-oriented TRAITORS, liars, and false prophets who have LIED to them up to now regarding true orientation of real Christianity towards those gross monstrous anti-Christs call Jews. And note comrade Orion how often it is people observe how terribly dark it seems--just before the dawning. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian