Friday, September 5, 2008

A Clarion Call to The Creator Race From Dr. Pierce

Every Saturday until September 11, the 75th anniversary of his birthday, this Blog will replay a selected American Dissident Voices broadcast by the late Dr. William L. Pierce, one of the most influential voices of the White Struggle.

Today, Dr. Pierce wants to be frank with you.

"In my earlier talks, I've tried to be polite. I've tried to avoid offending or shocking anyone. Today I need to be very blunt. I'm sorry if I offend you, but the time is very late and the matter at hand is far too urgent for politeness. I want to say a few things very plainly, very clearly."

And very clearly does Dr. Pierce lay out the threats our Race face as he issues a clarion call to all White Men and Women to face this threat, without evasion or compromise.

Kinsfolk, Our time is short, and all this talk about revolutionary timing not being here yet is a thing of the past. The time for Revolution is NOW. Prepare yourself. In coming weeks, I will be posting revolutionary theory, strategy, tactics and organization from my many years of studying revolutionary and resistance movements from around the world, including the ones going on now in Iraq.

This I know for a certainty: If we do not act soon, everything will be lost. Forever. Our race is at the 11th hour. And when the White Race, the Creator Race, has been absorbed into the genes of the lesser races, It will be only a matter of time before the Earth travels through the ether, lifeless, dead.

Will the gods welcome you to the hall of the honored if you allow that?

I consider this to be one of Dr. Pierce's greatest speeches available today, and I urge my kinfolk to get it out to the people as much as you can. And now, I give you... Dr. William L. Pierce

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