Saturday, September 13, 2008

Children of Jewish Democracy

"We are not the children of the dictatorship; we are the children of the democracy," Michele Bravo, 17, said at a recent afternoon party. "There is much more of a rebellious spirit among the young people today. There is much more freedom to explore everything."

Mud prepares to propagate his genetic garbage in White Chile

Democracy is a flawed Political Ideology which in the hands of Jews and degenerates, brings about the collapse of civilization. Interesting that when Chile was ruled by a dictator, there was nothing like this going on. Now that Chile is a Mobocracy, all people can do is wring their hands and lament about their children, powerless to do anything about their future. What a shame.

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Anonymous said...

Notice the name of one of the clubs was Cadillac? I will only say that American pop culture has an affect on society.