Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Insurgent with Tom Metzger

No radio tonight, instead we bring you a four part video series of Tom interviewing Wyatt Kaldenberg. If you now anything about the history of W.A.R., you will know about Wyatt Kaldenberg. Kaldenberg brings an outlook that is badly needed in our struggle against the global oligarchs. Remember, CAPITALISM IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF OUR RACE PROBLEM. We need more thinking like this and less of the conservative, pro-capitalist, reactionary, Libertarian, Alex Linder type thinking that permeates thoughout the "Movement". If the struggle moved more toward White Working Class issues, we'd progress a lot further.

These videos and others can be found at under the heading "tommy tube". We hope you enjoy them.

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 1

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 2

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 3

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 4


Anonymous said...

they removed video from youtube
is there any other place where you can watch this?

Orion said...

Try White Nationalist Tube, located in my White Media section. They have a good selection of Race and Reason shows. Good luck!