Saturday, September 13, 2008

Revolutionary Studies No. 1 - A Born Revolutionary

Did you know that long before the Racialist Struggle even thought of an alliance with the Resistance in the Middle East, the Left was not only allied with "Islamists" but were actually a part of the Resistance? That's right. Germans, Swiss, Italians, all were involved with the Palestinian resistance to the Jewish terror state. One man, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, a Venezuelan born to a dedicated Marxist Attorney, led them all.

This is a fascinating story and one that provides many lessons for the future revolutionary. As you read this, you'll see they were full of ideological zeal but short on practical knowledge, whether it be in weapons or adhering to "operational manoeuvre" doctrine as it applies to revolutionary tactics. This is a mistake that won't be repeated again, right? Of course not. We are Aryans.

On Sunday, December 30, 1973 in an affluent suburb of London, a young man opened the front door of the mansion, where he was employed as a butler, only to be confronted by a young, dark-complexioned man with a gun. The man pointed the gun at the butler and demanded in heavily accented English, to be taken to Joseph Sieff, the owner of the house. Sieff at sixty-eight, was one of the most successful and influential Jewish businessmen in London. Not only was he the president of Marks and Spencer, one of the largest department stores in England but, more importantly to his uninvited guest, was also an honorary vice-president of the British Zionist Federation, an organization that had been instrumental in raising millions of pounds for Israeli charities...

The daring assassination attempt was the first act of violence by this young man with the unusual name. Even though he had failed to carry out his deadly task, he had succeeded in escaping unharmed. Had he been arrested on that cold December night, we might never have heard of the man who became known as "Carlos- The Jackal," the world's most notorious terrorist.

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