Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Government More Dangerous to Our Liberty Than Is The Enemy It Claims to Protect Us From

If they are going to suspend the right of habeas corpus anyway, YOU MIGHT AS WELL GIVE THEM A REASON TO DO IT! If they are going to call you Traitors, Then so be it! We OWE Allegiance to our People! If they want to label you as "terrorists", GIVE THEM A REASON! There is no greater honor or glory as to fight the evil that like a cancer is consuming our Race, our Heritage, our Culture, our Civilization to utter extinction.

These people cannot defeat you! It is only FEAR that will defeat us! They can only kill us one time. If you continue to live under their deadly, destructive order, you will die one thousand times, everyday!

The time is growing near, Dear Patriots. For those of us who have dreamed of this day, suffering for so long under the strain of a utterly corrupt and illegitimate power, we are ready and we welcome it. We will either throw off our chains or we shall die as free men, ON OUR FEET! Why? Because we know something better will rise from the ruins; a new people! a new Order! If we refuse to act, EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST. IRREVOCABLY. FOREVER. What will the Gods say to you then?

And for those of you that won't fight, May your shackles weigh heavily upon you, and may your posterity cease to exist. forever.

Thanks to Western Voices World News for the video.


Anonymous said...

Battle Plan: Start With Jews, Then Go Methodically Down The List
(Apollonian, 28 Sep 08)

So the question is what to do?--regarding this virtual overthrow of US Constitution. And answer is simple in concept: (a) KILL ALL JEWS, old or young, male or female, just kill 'em--as u would to suppress a most horrible, virulent disease, say like Typhus.

(b) But then more difficult, trickier, question regards Jews' accomplices among gentiles, and answer is begin with SUBJECTIVISTS in all their forms and guises. Thus these subjectivists would include:

(1) "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, but especially the "Sadducean" (of modern-day) leadership.

(2) Pelagianist hereticalists--who believe in "good-evil" and subjectivist version of human consciousness, specifically, perfectly "free" will. Note these can be atheistic-styled, non-"religious," and even non-"Christian."

(3) Queers

CONCLUSION: Note some subjectivists might not be overt, conscious Jew-accomplices, but their subjectivism naturally and necessarily lends them to aforementioned Pelagianism and hubris by which they're subject to being inveigled by Jews, who are the master subjectivists (see,, and for best Talmudic expo), and outright, knowing accomplices of Jews. Happy hunting. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Apollonian - since you make mention of and note the false religion called judeo - Christianity , does that imply you are aware of the existance of the true version ... and do you claim to be one of its adherants ?

So you advocate that to just " wipe 'em all out " is gonna rid us of all woe ?

If ever there was a bold and open statement geared to get a blog shut down , this fits the bill .

Anonymous said...

Smug, Idiot Brainlessness Exposed
(Apollonian, 30 Sep 08)

Blogger is owned by big Jew Google, headquartered in Israel, as I understand--but I might be mistaken for specific details. Regardless, Blogger is notoriously Jew-friendly and -sensitive--SO U'RE GOING TO BE SHUT-DOWN ANYWAY, eventually, to extent u speak any degree of truth.

Note reason (or large part thereof) Blogger features the free blogs is, no doubt, to get "inside" for monitoring of any/all anti-semitic movements, "intelligence-gathering."

So at what degree of truth then do u, "Jeff," advocate one stop in order to snivellingly beg to not be shut-down? Do u see ur entire scummy premises suck? Thus u do the work of Jews to suppress truth don't u?--this out of expediency, for which philosophy u give no guidance urself but for ur smug, brainless questioning.

Otherwise, note as Jews are criminals, very idea of rule-of-law is to remove the criminals--the very reason for District Attorneys and police forces.

Second, as Jews are masterminds and leaders of organized crime (see various works, but especially those of Mike Collins Piper), decapitating such criminal conspiracy is prime and obvious strategy.

Third, removing all Jews is way to make sure of removing topmost masterminds. Note it's religion of Jews in general to hate gentiles, so don't worry about removing even the very lowest-level Jews. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

Ridding world of all "woe" is impossible as humans are sinners and ever fallible, but removing murderous criminal masterminds--HENCE JEWS--in midst of deliberate on-going conspiracy to murder the world's gentiles is imperative. No doubt remaining gentiles will remain stupid--like u, "Jeff."

And indeed, I do claim and strive to understand basic cultural dichotomy--see my work at under "commentary." That basic dichotomy then is Western objectivity vs. Jew subjectivity. Christian aesthetic parallel is TRUTH, as of Gosp. JOHN, vs. Jew lies and conspiracy (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

CONCLUSION: So "Jeff," in all ur smarm, I hope u find my above expo sufficient reply to ur smug and smarmy statements and questions, so profound. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...
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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Self proclaimed enlightened one exposes smarminess of upstart , thereby revealing HIS ignorance
( Jeff - Va. Rebel
30 Sept 08 )

"Jews own google, are criminals and have world wide conspiracy against whites" - Wow ! gee thanks for the wake up clue Mr. Apollonian sir . Couldn't have done it without ya .

Do you think yer the only one awake around here ? Have you reached that glorious plateau in your mind where you look down in condescension at all others and ridicule all who don't embrace your lofty concepts as truth embodied ?

Talk about getting the cart before the horse . You sound most often as if you're about to blow a gasket and to what end ? Your delivery method sucks boss .

I throw the accusation right back at you Mr. Self Proclaimed Guru ... it is YOU who does the work of the jew , and something tells me you know it too .

Tell ya what buddy - you go ahead and kill all the jews , all the niggers , all the spics ... and GOD Himself will raise up more .

You do not understand the players in this orchestration nor their function , or either you seek to further deceive the only race Christ is concerned with .

Don't waste your near sighted energies trying to show me all the evils of these TOOLS in Gods hand - way ahead of you .
What you are doing is sounding a battle cry to those who may not be prepared to engage just yet . You don't understand this enlistment process , do you ?

Do a little studying of your own before you come to sling rocks . And do it outside of your self inflicted parameters .

By your comments it's evident you do not know me nor what I profess . Do you suppose that all those that are not foaming at the mouth are mere dupes of the jew ? Now there's indepth analysis for ya .

" Those who are not for Me are against Me , and those who gathereth not scatter "

So I ask again ... just whose side are you on ?

Anonymous said...

Ignoring Reality Dangerous Policy
(Apollonian, 30 Sep 08)

Dingbat: u betray ur ignorance as u ignore pertinent notes and signs fm God, etc. I told u to ck my outstanding work at, under "commentary" heading. Now shut up and do ur homework before running ur dumb (proverbial) mouth again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Dingbat stands in awe of outstanding work
Jeff - Va. Rebel ,
30 Sept 08

I would question who has the better grip on reality , the depths thereof and its ramifications .
But what's the point .
You aint no fun no more .

Been to yer site , oh wise one . Have for some time . I carry it in my links list . I don't deny you got a lot of useful and pertinent info , but yer lacking alot also . There's more to the equation .

My fight aint with you , I don't believe ... just making a point .

When you throw out a scripture here or there , you ought to be ready to back it up . You left some obvious questions unanswered .

Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitism: Foundation Of Wisdom, Success, Prosperity
(Apollonian, 30 Sep 08)

Well Jeff, if there's problem u should substantiate ur assertion thereto. If u say I leave something out--u should say what u're talking about in reasonable detail. If there's "obvious question," u should say what that is--it's called substantiating w. specific info/details ur assertion. Otherwise it's hard to see what specific sense u're trying to make.

One great clarifying pt. for the lambs is Christianity is first of all, basically, anti-semitic; that one small pt. right there would be most tremendous, eye-opening info for so many. Just kill Jews, that's all--problem then is HOW.

CONCLUSION: Evermore, simplest plan is to (a) arrest, intern, confiscate Jews, separate by sex, and watch them closely as they die out. (b) But first, in order to get at these Jews, we must remove/neutralize such as "Judeo-Christians," again, also Pelagian heretics (who believe in "good-evil"). Emphasizing this simple, basic anti-semitic Christian foundation is surest way to building movement, providing for liberty, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Orion said...

apollonian has a site? I wouldn't engage him too much, VA. He seems a bit unstable and more suitable to spamming the jew and negro sites than sites like this.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

The only site I'm aware of Orion is New Nation , which lists the criminality of the niggers , jews and such . No means of commenting is in play , just material to read .

I'm aware of what our people will have to do to get the land cleansed , I'm not a blind idiot who merely hopes for the best as he presumes I do . I have eyes that see .

But there's a righteous way of going about it and it seems a lot of folks such as himself will quote a scripture here and there , but will not take it as a whole . We can't pick and choose like that .
Defeated before we start .

Will try and make a broader , more defined statement this evening . Too much work I've got to get caught up on right now .

Did want to say if anyone seriously wanted Biblical understanding , and if I could only have one link - it would be the one you list ... Pastor Peters site .

Anonymous said...

"But there's a righteous way of going about it ["GOING ABOUT" WHAT?] and it [LOOSE-REF. PRONOUN] seems a lot of folks such as himself will quote a scripture here and there , [NEEDS EXAMPLE FOR ILLUSTRATION] but will not take it as a whole ." [AND WHAT DOES "TAKE IT AS A WHOLE" SUPPOSED TO MEAN?] -Jeff

* * * * *

White Niggers Must Put More Effort Into Attempts To Express Coherent Thought
(Apollonian, 1 Oct 08)

"Jeff," ur above quote is precisely what I'm talking about in previous posting criticising ur defective and inadequate thought-process as expressed. If u want to pretend u're making any real sense, like a human being, and a real white man, u MUST give example(s) to demonstrate and substantiate ur otherwise unfounded assertion which hardly makes any sense as it stands. U're just babbling, and it would be better for u not to say anything at all until u've thought it all the way out.

Another sign of such defect of thinking is ur use of loose-reference pronouns which rather indicates ur poor mind rather loses track of exactly what u're trying to talk about.

Avoid use of pronouns--write out the original noun, even if u must continue to repeat it. Use pronouns ONLY in the very same sentence referring to noun. If u start another sentence, write out the entire noun all over--DON'T use a pronoun, like "it" or "this" or "that." For it's otherwise too easy to lose track of what one is talking about, as I say, especially for such weak-minded creatures like urselves.

Same goes for "orion's"--"He seems a bit unstable...." Obvious question being begged is what is it makes u say so? "Unstable"?--in what respect? For I assure u, comrade "orion," I mean everything I say, quite literally. Ur miserable, insignificant life hangs in the balance, don't forget.

Point is these above observations of mine are basic principles of even high-school discourse, which causes me to conclude u people are just half-baked white-niggers, pretty ignorant little bastards, who have most serious difficulty thinking.

U may think u're proficient at some narrow application for something--whatever--but u have such pathetic difficulty expressing thought as by means of writing--it's why females who apply themselves to these matters of grammar and rhetoric find u so pitiful, disgusting, and unworthy of much attention.

My own experience is usually there's kernel of substance to what u creatures are trying to express; u're just so inept, u tend to blame others for ur inability to speak/write coherently, cogently, or meaningfully.

"Jeff," u shouldn't have said anything (as for ur last posting), but rather should have gone right to what u wanted to finish up, and then presented ur fullest expostion.

U half-assed white niggers don't seem to realize things have to get much worse before white race can seriously hope to beginning to making resurgent come-back. Presently u're largely wasting time and effort merely expressing half-baked angst in ur stupid blogs, etc.

CONCLUSION: As I've pt'd out numerous times, basic essence of Christianity is absolute hatred and anti-semitism, and only by means of such hatred--THUS HONESTY--does one begin to understanding real Christianity. White niggers think they know everything, smug, hubristic little shits can't figure out that's why they've lost so miserably heretofore in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Our white ancestors who conquered this continent took things much more seriously--u will too. But u must strive to doing things right, not being mere half-assed little bastards, as I say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Exactly from what portion of the eastern block do you hail -
Comrade Apollonian ?
Aint no wonder you can't connect the dots and catch my drift . The land of the pseudo -intellectual , eh ? Sure you aint a wolf and not a sheep ? I smell canine .

For someone who throws around Christian terminology and scripture , you really aint plugged in at all , are ya ?
Basic tenets of Christianity is hate jews ? You don't have a clue buddy .

Your usage of the Bible for any substantiation on your part would lead one to suppose that you take the whole as Truth ... or does it ?
I believe you are just another latcher - on who will pull scripture as it suits you , and your desires . You're a dime a dozen pal .

You , like so many others , want someone to lay out all the involved details of a
servant and soldier of Christ . If you were dedicated as one must be , you would study to show yourself approved . And you would know in which sentence a person is talking specifics backed by scripture . Do your own detailed legwork ... or don't .

You want to skip all the preliminaries and go to the front of the line . I'm not leading you around by the hand . Most of all cause yer an arrogant bastard . And I don't think yer sincere .

( this applies to you alone in this case , as I discern your true intents )

Just cause yer white
Don't make it alright
In Gods sight

In fact , it makes matters worse . Confused ? That's evident enough in your speech .

Do you really believe in God ... how about Christ Jesus ? You quote one scripture of His concerning the jew . Tell me wise one - who is held accountable for violations of Gods Law ? To whom is sin imparted ? What do you think of Gods Law ? Is it important ... applicable ?

Give me your take on Christs statement that the jew was the epitome of the serpent , but that the proselyte was twice as guilty ?

Enlighten me as to whom the command -
Repent or Perish - was directed ? And what all does that entail ?
Or does that aspect register importance to you ?

Do you really seek Gods counsel and guidance as to engaging in warfare ?
Do you desire His favor ?

Do you acknowledge the need for any prerequisites before marching off to clash swords , or is your bloodlust and fact - filled swollen head sufficient unto itself ?

Are you battling the cause and source of evil , or only a symptom and by product of it ? How would you define the ultimate evil / transgression / violation ?

There is a time for all things under the sun ... and there's a time to do battle . But yer not prepared , you do not grasp the bigger picture . You don't know who is who , nor what is required of them .

For one to heed your call to arms would bring certain defeat .
I would not follow you and advise others not to either . And I wouldn't want you in my ranks .

I think you have trouble following the gist of what is being said because you cannot hear , you cannot see ... and probably aren't intended to . I'm not gonna draw it all out in crayons for you .

Throw out yer white nigger labels , they do not matter . As your ilk do not matter to me . Glory in your realm of self exaltation . See where it'll get ya in due course .

I don't have all the answers neither , but God does ... and you've hardly scratched the surface in understanding what He requires .
I encourage others to seek His guidance , and not to rely solely on your statements - or mine .

My original purpose was to warn others against suicidal charges against an enemy when not properly attired or prepared ... not to sway you .
So have the final word as you just must ... I'm done with you .

Anonymous said...

Comrade "Jeff" Affords Useful Dialectic Indeed
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 08)

"Jeff": Ignorant scum and white nigger, the problem is to begin at common premise(s), for which we seem to be lacking. U're no Christian, for if u were, u'd try to be honest.

Remember, u began by objecting to Jew-expulsion, necessary culmination to present hist. cycle. Also, u went on about blog being pulled.

I simply made pt. basic Christian (truth) vs. Jew (lies) is parallel for large cultural objective vs. subjective dichotomy, u always insisting on making it more complicated and mysterious. U're no Christian, as Christians revere reason and abhor myticism.

CONCLUSION: But yes, this was good blog dialectic nonetheless; we had interesting, useful, and informative discussion. And yes, there's lots more sorting-out which must go on within camp of white and Christian patriots before patriots can mount substantial, sustained, successful resurgence in present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian