Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Market in Green - No Jews, Just Right

It's the jewish holiday and if you turn it to CNBC, you'll see the trading floor almost deserted. A dirth of the regular guests is also apparent, with only the CNBC "staff" available to discuss the current situation. Suprisingly, I hadn't realized that Mark Haines was jewish. Apparently he is, or else he's taking the day off in honor of his jewish owners.

NYSE Advancing Issues 2247
NYSE Declining Issues 1053
NYSE Trading Volume 2.7 bln
NASDAQ Advancing Issues 1504
NASDAQ Declining Issues 1312
NASDAQ Trading Volume 1.0 bln

Not bad, huh? No jews, and the market is actually honest. as you can see, volume is pretty light, as there are no kikes to short, sell, or raid the markets. Bernake and Paulson and all his kike friends are absent too. Point this out to your friends and family.

Congress is basically in recess because of the "jewish holiday". Just flip through your channels and check out who is absent and who isn't.

Anyone that doesn't realize we are living in a judazied society as sheep to be fleeced needs to get a clue.


Anonymous said...

You have a problem with a Holiday that has been around for over 5 thousand years?
It is nice antisemite people like you have nothing better to do than to post your slime.

Orion said...

Are you supposed to be on the computer during the holiday? Aren't you supposed to be praying for the next slaughter of the goy or something?

Anonymous said...

Great post, Orion. And, I hadn't noticed the absence of the jews.
Laura from Dallas

Orion said...

Hey Laura,

I guess some of them didn't take a holiday. I did notice that the trading floor on CNBC looked deserted. A lot of the guests looked gentile, too. Well, the jews will be back tomorrow, so we should see the market tank.

Anonymous said...

No, let me talk to anonymous guy who said:

"You have a problem with a Holiday that has been around for over 5 thousand years?
It is nice antisemite people like you have nothing better to do than to post your slime."

-anonymous hook nosed kike


I say:

Dear Hatchet faced Jew bastard,

We don't give a good goddamn how long your fucking holiday has been around you filthy rat. Our problem isn't with your holiday, it's with you and your kind you avaricious sub human. We do have something better to do, but until you are extinct, we will be doing this. Especially since we can have nothing without your fucking ass trying to dominate, steal, lie, and connive your fucking way into our business you goddamn parasite. Go pretend to be white, fuck someone out of their money, and lie about being a goddamn worthless disease on society. You pieces of shit will get it someday that NOBODY LIKES YOU, EVERYONE HATES YOU, AND THERE IS A GOOD REASON FOR IT. YOU'RE SHIT. This goddamn shit with the economy is the fucking Jew's fault.

P.S. Nice Blog =)

MJ said...

You have a problem with a Holiday that has been around for over 5 thousand years?
Writes Anonymous.

You believe that Jews in power- Bolshevik monsters are 'celebrating' ANYTHING that has to do with God??

Are you joking??

These "Jews" that are celebrating this holiday are full of SHIT. U got that?
They are a TOTAL DESECRATION to the name of GOD. TO THE MAX.
SERIOUS Chillul HaShem.

And you are aiding them.


U make right minded Jews look like shit.
Shame on you.

Imagine, SCHMUCK Schumer and Anthony Weiner 'celebrating' repentence!

Sure, like THAT will happen anytime soon.

Another thing- you dont even question WHY people are Jew haters, or hate the Jews, you dont even look around you at the Jews that are MARXIST CRUMBS, persecuting Christians, putting Obama the MOSLEM in our W.H.

You have NO shame, which is WHY people like yourself will put us through ANOTHER holocaust, ymch shmo vzchr

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is more ignorant. The "Jew-Haters" or those who bother to go one on one with them.
Keep in mind that Jesus was a Jew.
There was no Christianity at that time. He celebrated Passover.

Anonymous said...

Without the Jews to hate you'd have to focus on your parents who raped or beat you to turn you into the freak of nature you are. If you're looking for the scum in the world look no further than your mommy and daady who must have stuck a broom up your ass while they called you dumb. Your Jesus God is my relative. You get on your knees and pray to a Jew everyday, imbecile.

Thermo said...

One on one?
What has Orion done to you?
He has done nothing wrong to me.
I judge a person by his actions, I dont judge a tree by a whole forrest.
I thought that's how most Jews felt too, but NO, I was WRONG.

They want to murder off Christians and white conservatives, and right wing Jews.
So, what makes you think I would trust a libo-slime Jewish person?
Look at SOROS, he is a fine example of treachery against his own people.
You know this.

Anyway, re. this post: My hubby, David Ben Moshe, FORMERLY of the JTF says the same thing when Jews are not working on holy days.
I guess this makes him a HATERRRRRRRRRRR

Orion said...

Thermo gots my back. We's on Team Terminator. We's gonna get all the traitors and bankster gangsters, jew and gentile alike! We make no distinction when it comes to treason!

THERMO said...


Fear NO man, whatever his 'faith' or there, lack of.

Right Orion, they should all choke before we get them first.
And go Jihad on their lousy, treacherous, WEINER A$$ES!