Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009, The Beginning Of Sorrows

The year 2008 now belongs to the ages, and a new year is upon us. If all indications are correct, we are in for interesting times. Some of us here today will not see the end of the year, and some of us will be delivered up to the enemy, to cross the bridge of sighs in the name of the Pax Judaica, while others will drop out, too overwhelmed by events and hopelessness to carry on. Yet, there will be among us a chosen elite, a warrior caste that will rise up with a righteous wrath and carry the fight to the enemy.

Ed Steele, a patriot who practices law in Idaho, recently came out with some predictions. He's very much into economics and his forecast pretty much aligns with what others are saying. You can find his latest broadcast here and the site here. Steele points out the fable of the little boy that cried wolf, and even though we have the Gary Norths and the UFOers of the movement, the wolf IS coming.

Have you ever wished you were born in a different time? Have you ever wished that you were standing with Hermann at Teutoburg Forest, facing a Roman Army ready to destroy everything you hold dear? Or maybe it's the summer of 451 and you're a Visigoth on the Catalaunian Fields, the fate of Europe in the balance as Attila the Hun rampages throughout the land, causing White men to die of fright as he slaughters and wastes entire cities? Has it ever pissed you off that you weren't riding with Nathan Bedford Forrest, fighting the invaders waving the Stars and stripes as they destroy your homeland in the name of equality?

Now is your chance. Although the coming fight won't be a single battle but rather a long, drawn out war for survival, Centuries from now little schoolboys will read about this time, a time when the future of White Race hung in the balance. And they too will wish they had lived in YOUR time, so that they might share in the honor and glory that belongs to sacred Warriors.

No Greater Love hath a man, that he would lay down his own life for his brother. One day, when this evil government is but a distant memory, little white schoolgirls will sing the praises of these Warriors, who gave their all so that we might survive as a people. To those about to march into history and immortality, We salute you!

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