Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Indian Accounting

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Mr. Raju said Wednesday that 50.4 billion rupees, or $1.04 billion, of the 53.6 billion rupees in cash and bank loans the company listed in assets for its second quarter, which ended in September, were nonexistent.

Same as Jewish accounting, it seems.

Embarrassment from investing heavily with Mr. Madoff could explain wanting to disappear from public view. But another theory widely repeated by those who know Mrs. Kohn is that she may be afraid of some particularly displeased investors: Russian oligarchs whose money made up a chunk of the $2.1 billion that Bank Medici invested with Mr. Madoff.

Haha, jews don't know the meaning of the word embarrassment. Mr. Raju should take a cue from the jews and learn to disappear when you shyster someone.

But friends of the couple say they have not seen them since shortly after Mr. Madoff was arrested on Dec. 11. A fellow banker said when he last saw Erwin Kohn in Vienna, on Dec. 13, “he looked shattered and nervous. He couldn’t believe it.”
So what's the lesson here? Rudyard Kipling knows.

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
They are used to the lies I tell;
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy or sell.

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