Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grand Ole Opry Votes To Become San Francisco South

Hey Ya'll! Still think voting your way out of this mess will work? Do you feel like that one blogger who says with a lisp "I don't believe in violence or armed action because we will reach critcial mass where everyone will awake and change things through legal (system) means" or some bullshit like that. Listen, anyone that says that in this day and time is working for the OTHER SIDE. I'm here to tell you the truth, not sugarcoat it and attempt to give you false hope in working within an utterly corrupt system.

Nashville voters reject 'English First' proposal

By JUANITA COUSINS, Associated Press Writer Writer – 36 mins ago AP –

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville voters rejected a proposal on Thursday that would have made it the largest U.S. city to require all government business be done in English.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, unofficial results showed the "English First" proposal was defeated on a vote of 41,752 to 32,144. Proponents said using one language would have united the city and saved money, but business leaders, academics and the city's mayor worried it could give the city a bad reputation. They should be worrying about their lives, if real patriots had a say in it. Similar measures have passed elsewhere.

It wasn't clear exactly how much translation would have been silenced had the measure passed. While it called for all government communication and publications to be printed in English, it would have allowed an exception for public health and safety. Para el español, presione el número uno/对于漢語,按第二/for dumbass whites, press 3

The referendum's leader, city Councilman Eric Crafton, promoted it as a way to unite Nashville and prevent the kind of extensive translation services — and the associated expenses — provided by cities like New York or Los Angeles. He has pushed for English only since 2006 and got the issue before voters through a petition drive.

Business leaders, academics, religious leaders, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Gov. Phil Bredesen argued the measure would tarnish the city's welcoming image, harm tourism and business recruitment and endanger federal funding for many city services. It's time to argue that the above traitors should face Aryan justice.

Supporter Glenda Paul, 35, said having one language is an important part of keeping government small as she exited a voting precinct Thursday.

"If I moved to France to start a business, I would be expected to speak French and that doesn't mean that I am not welcome there. It just means I need to respect the language."

But Claire King, 31, who lives in East Nashville, said Thursday that she voted against the amendment because "it sends a message of intolerance." She said she thought multiple perspectives and languages enrich to the city's culture. I can see why Claire would have problems with English only, since she has problems speaking it, if the quote is accurate. Probably a negro.

Nashville's documented translation expenses have totaled $522,287 since 2004. By comparison, the special election cost $300,000. 522k that could have gone to fix roads or fund other services, down the diversity drain.

Thirty states, including Tennessee, and at least a dozen cities have declared English their official language, said K.C. McAlpin, executive director of Arlington, Va.-based ProEnglish, which donated money to support the referendum.

About 10 percent of Nashville's nearly 600,000 people speak a language other than English in their homes, according to census data. The city is 5 percent Hispanic and home to the nation's largest Kurdish community and refugees from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. All brought to you by your friendly Federal Government. Still think Washington is a government for white folks?


Associated Press Writer Rose French contributed to this story.


Orion said...

Here's what's going to happen to the Cuntry Capital of the world now.

The Nashville city government will have to hire turd worlders to provide translation services. These muds will begin a chain migration to Nashville. Soon, the white population will be in the 20-30 percent range. Niggers will move out to the suburbs. Where will you run then, White Man? Enjoy your DIEversity!

Anonymous said...

they are doing this on purpose, to ruin any connection to our historical and cultural roots (white of course) all while elevating theirs cultures. Karl the jewboy marx said " the best way to enslave a people is to SEPERATE them from their past, their history and cultural traditions." This leaves people empty and miserable,then ready to accept THEIR way. Next step, they will arrest us who protest as "reactionary's" standing in the way of global peace.

Orion said...

Well said. Cut 'em off at the root through their schools, popular culture and music. In 30 years time or sooner, Nashville country music will be an unrecognisable mix of Indian Carnatic and Chinese folk music, mixed in with some Irish and English influences. And that's what the population will look like too.

Oh wait, did I leave out Mexican rancheria? Forgive me for not being "inclusive" enough!

Anonymous said...

I for one wouldn't mind if English became the official language. At the same time, Americans (white, black, or whatever) should become more bilingual than we are. It's not even about race or multiculturalism. Even white Europeans take the time to learn other languages. I hear English fluency is a requirement in France. Why not have something similar in the US?

Orion said...

I agree, secondary languages should be mandatory in school. I've always tried to learn some of the vernacular when I traveled to other countries. What I object to is a Quebec type government that has to do business in different languages.

Actually, the integrationists are keeping us from assimulating, which is a good thing. First it will be language, then genes.

Orion said...

assimilating! Jeez.