Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Timothy, Where Are You?

"former US Marine Corps, Force Recon 6years, lots of training and schools, want a security job in Iraq!!!

i´m a former Royal Marine Commando. Served in the falklands in 82 and 84. N.I twice, Bosnia and lived in hong kong anti drugs II patrols and prevention. RM sniper ex CQB instructor former guard for the royal family in hong kong. degree in taekwando CnR instructor former fire fighter in uk first aid qualified, single, now living in spain. valid passport able to travel able to go anywhere professional and discreet.
cheers mick.

I was in the U.S. Navy special forces 4 yrs. would like security job. can handle dangerous situations

am a former Lithuania Army Officer with 10 years service . I am qualified as a small arms and sniper intructors,
I am looking for security work in Iraq."

Times are tough. Lots of battle tested vets looking for work out there. Lots of angry, pissed off vets looking to settle the score with the laughing elites who sent them to fight a jews war.

Now, suppose you have a group of individuals that have determined not to live on their knees. Where would they get training? If you had some funding, you could afford to hire one of these guys to train a select group people, who would then train others. Train the trainers, so to speak. I'm sure these guys would have no problem training people if the price is right.

Listen, here is where money makes a difference. If you don't have funding, you can forget about offering up any effective resistance. You can forget buying or making big Boom Boom, or getting your hands on weapons, or recruiting quality people. Unless you're a dedicated lone wolf who has the time and money to conduct surveillance and buy the right weapon and tools for the job, then it's going to be quite difficult without funding.

Anyway, just tossing out some ideas for the thoughtful patriots out there.

May a thousand Fallujahs bloom.

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