Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Day Dawns on America - The Hour of Redemption is Near

I've added "Survivalist and Insurgent Studies" that will soon become the fastest growing section of this blog. I have lots of info that I've been sitting on for awhile just waiting for this day. Our first entry is The Lonewolf Survivalist and I want to thank Radio Werewolf for the link.

This blog can be shutdown at anytime, so download and bookmark all the good links that you can. Civil War is coming and only knowledgeable patriots will be able to fight and survive and win the battle.

Get what you! Secure your well-being and that of your family with your own storage of groceries and manuals of action. Have the knowledge you need to survive hard times. Learn to fight and how to live to fight another day.

Being a lone wolf survivalist means preparing individually to provide for your own personal survival and the survival of your family during hard times...and in being discrete about it! It also means learning how an effective freedom fighter operates.

Don't reveal your possessions to anyone. Do not have photos taken of yourself holding weapons. Do not post threatening statements on public forums or in emails. Discretion and anonymity are skills of the Lone Wolf. Subterfuge is key. If organizing a pack, invest in software for background checks and in some type of lie detection device. Never completely trust anyone.

Lone Wolf Survivalist operates in conjunction with to provide you with secure online buying and the widest possible variety of books and manuals available. We also connect you to sources of survival equipment, supplies, and food storage, along with the best DOD manuals, SAS manuals, survival books, firearms training manuals, and martial arts to assist you in your quest to survive, to fight, and to win!

I bolded that one paragraph to emphasize a point: While Lone Wolf tactics are valid and should be used, it is inevitable that some of us will attempt to develop a coordinated force, especially as the war gets on in time. It is important to keep infiltrators OUT of the organization. If you can't ask someone to strip naked to check for wires, or feel that asking questions is impolite, then you haven't grasped the severity of what is before you. This is not play-pretend or militia bullshit like in the 90s when every unit in America had an FBI agent training next to them. THAT WON'T WORK. The enemy you face is ruthless. Just study what they did at Abul Ghraib, or Gitmo, or Gaza. When you are inside their system in chains, that's where you will stay, without any "constitutional" rights AT ALL.

Also, in addition to background checks and other verification, I would suggest the group develop some kind of psych testing to weed out mental defectives and weak individuals. You're Aryan, you'll figure it out.

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