Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why The Jews Pulled Out of Gaza

Picked this up off David Irving's site. This is a comment from an article in an Israeli paper that is very enlightening.


Title: Fogel is mistaken. When IDF got in urban areas it bogged down!

Name: Lt. Col. Avi G.

City: Jerusalem State: Israel

While Fogels comments are interesting, he was safely in the rear and
not up front where we were getting shot at. The IDF advance went well until we got into the heavily populated areas of Gaza. Our tanks could not maneuver
properly. The streets were too narrow and the anti-tank fire became so heavy
that our forces were ordered to pull back to prevent casualties. Yes, we could have destoyed Hamas eventually but the cost would have been in hundreds of IDF troop deaths and wounded. Hamas of today is not Hamas 10 years ago. They are a well trained Commando Force second only to Hizbullah today. Fogel reminds me of a story my late Father use to tell, "We killed a bear but Daddy shot him."

See? You wouldn't know it from reading the jewish controlled media in this country, but resistance to evil is always correct, just and most importantly, possible. When the jews get their tits in a wringer, they run like cowards. Only when they think they have you tied down and unable to resist will they try to murder you. Remember that in the future. It will come in handy.

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