Saturday, January 31, 2009

Terrible Tommy Speaks

Great speech by Tom Metzger. Listen carefully. These are the people we seek. No more politics of the word. It's politics of the deed, everything else is playing into the hands of our enemies.


Bloody Bill Anderson said...

Ooo, got me one! Shot that crazy with mah elephant gun, otherwise known as the 50-70 Sharps Rifle, liberated from a jayhawker in Lawrence!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

You must be talking 'bout that Alpo critter I seen skulking 'round here earlier ... good doings Brother Bill.
They aint much fer skin'n though.

I was gonna bring up some of his own words he spoke on Incog Man to show he's working both sides against the middle ... but it's gotten old.

I know the boys aint gonna want to hear much from me Bill, now that I climb up on the stump so often ... but one day soon they'll know and understand just how much I really cared.

( what caliber was that rifle Tom Selleck used in that suck - up - to - the - abo's movie ? )

Bloody Bill Anderson said...

Yeah, I picked him up at about 200 yards and sighted him in with my venier sight, then let him have it at 250 right as he was zig-zagging across the plain. Damn, that felt good!

That was a sharpe's buffalo rifle, I believe.

You should see what Apoo says on jewish conspiracy exposed. What a freak!

Anonymous said...
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Orion said...

Comment deleted...O that feels soooo good! I wish I could do that with every post I see from Apoo on other blogs!

Orion said...

Best part of this speech is when he's asked if he's a White 'supremacist" and he says "of course not! I don't have enough money to be a white supremacist!" which is so true, only the rich owned slaves and only the rich seek to replace us with cheap labor. When the African became too expensive the greedy capitalists started importing mexicans.

Rob the Banks!!

Anonymous said...

Right on Tom Metzger!