Sunday, January 11, 2009

There is Hope in The Scope

"Watch what you say, they'll be calling you a radical! A liberal! O a fanatical criminal!"

Today we're going to go into sniping. Sniping is fun and rewarding. If you've ever been out sniping varmints on a Saturday afternoon, you'll know what I'm talking about. And believe me, in today's target rich environment, there are lots and lots of varmints just waiting for the chance to jump out in front of you!

I'm not going to go into what kind of rifle you should choose, because the opinions are as numerous as jews in DC. Some like bolt actions in 308, others like 30.06, others like .243. Some like the Remington 700, other like the Mauser or Mosin-Nagant (which can fill in as a nice club when all else fails!) and so on. Personally, I think the AR with a 1/7 twist with 75gr hollow points and a good variable scope is the ticket in urban situations but only because I like to have backup in case the first shot doesn't do the trick or there are other targets to engage in a hurry. However, if you have a spotter who happens to be carrying a select fire rifle then by all means, go with the bolt-action and something that can go though concrete and cars!

So, today we're going to go to the basics. This is probably old hat to some out there but we are looking to train for the future. Tomorrow belongs to us!

First up is scope mounts. This is important because you need to maximize the sight picture in the quickest possible time. Also, you don't want to be pinching your cheek or getting into an uncomfortable position. That makes for no fun! In addition, since scope mounts are the weakest link in a scoped system, you'll need to consider the type of mount to get. Here we have a video that talks about this when selecting a mount.

Next, we'll look at scopes. These videos are not by any means exhaustive on the subject, but you get the general idea.

Finally, the old fashioned way of boresighting, for those of us who are too cheap to buy a boresighter!

If you type in "larry potterfield" at youtube you'll find lots of good videos by the owner of Midway/USA.

Hopefully this has been a help for some, and a review for others. Any comments that have the benefit of experience would be great to those budding snipers out there just waiting to go into action. Yeeeha!

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hey Bill - yeah, I reckon I'm a cheapo.
Never got a bore
sighter but peering thru the tube gets me on paper and I can walk it in.

(don't forget to remove yer sighter BEFORE firing !)

The AR with 1 - 7 twist is a tack driver no doubt. Many good memories of varmit hunting and the like. Bullet choice is important.

Always said firearm selection was kinda like golf - 'pends on what you wanna do. And if you need a drill for penetration, of say ballistic material worn by a criminal - here it is.

Yep, they say the bolt is more accurate but I'm like you - I like to have 20 or 30
"back up buddies"
around in case they're needed in a hurry and you want to invite them to the party.

Happy trails to you !