Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Whoever Establishes a Relation with The Enemy Is Nothing But a Criminal"

I don't usually grab something from someone else's site, but this one needs wide dissemination. I got this off of incogman's blog, a blog everyone should visit.

A Palestinian lays dying, yet with his last breath he keeps the faith and his bond to his people. That's what resistance is all about. It's something the jews can never kill. They are genetically incapable of understanding this, as murder is the weapon the jews use to further their goals, and the threat of murder to keep people silent. So while George and Barak sit on their hands in silence by order of their jewish keepers, the world groans under their misfortune, the jews.

Anyone that collaborates with or gives comfort to our enemies is a traitor, and deserves traitors justice.

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horseboy61 said...

I have said that the u.s is Englands , bulldog and Israel is our pitbull. Today it dawned on me that just as the pitbull has a trigger mechanism that once triggered it will not let go no matter what, until you crack its skull
etc.It seems the same is true of Zionist Jews and their trigger is god.