Wednesday, December 17, 2008

American Idol Hopeful Kills Herself After Heartless Comments From Jew

I've never watched American Idol, I think it's stupid and geared toward the lowest common denominator, which is the majority of the American population. Still, I ran across this story and couldn't help but think...what if the Nazis had ran a talent show like this? Do you think it would resemble AI? Would they have allowed some jew like Simon Crowell to spew his vile vitrol on hapless contestants who should have never been allowed to compete in the first place? Absolutely not. Hitler and Goebbels would never have allowed that, and neither would any Aryan if he were running the show. First off, the Nazis wouldn't have allowed anyone with no talent to even compete, and second, they would have treated the losers of the competition with respect. But of course, Aryans are not running the show; faggots and jews and muds are running it.

No matter how misguided this poor girl was, her dreams did not need to be trashed and laughed at by such a vile, filthy jew like Crowell, no matter what you think of her. Inside every female is the desire to be fashionable, to be noticed, to have shiny things, to be well liked and accepted. It's just the way girls are. If you can stomach this, watch as a young girl is crushed and driven to suicide by a member of the cruelest race on planet Earth, the jews.

I hate cruelty for cruelty's sake. It is UNARYAN in the extreme.

Didn't know ole Simon with the Aryan name was a kike, did you?

Now the kikenserpent says he feels badly while laughing up his sleeve at the poor girl and others like her. If you believe him, then you really don't understand the jews.

When the time comes, don't feel sorry for these vile serpents. They deserve no sympathy. None.

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Orion said...

I meant to say, the kikenstein "says" he feels badly, but in reality he feels nothing. Jews are incapable of feeling remorse, pity or sympathy. This is the fundamental difference between Gods people (Whites) and the children of the serpent (jews).