Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weapons Training - AK47 - Speed Loading

Alright, you Bushwackers. Those of you with the AK-47, the arm of the resistance, listen up! When I was raiding Federal Troops and shooting down jayhawkers like the dogs they were, we had to be fast. For those of you that will be using the AK as your primary weapon, you'll need to learn how to get your empty weapon reloaded and into service quickly. Here are some videos for you to study.

First up is this video. You might want to turn the sound down as I can'ts stand that yankee music.

This one is actually demonstrated by an agent of the enemy. This guy is a Fed and has had advanced training with among other things, Frontsite. Notice so far, how the bolt is cocked using your "weak" (non shooting hand) and from underneath.

Here we have what appears to be an Anti-white racist. Why do I think that? Because he's in a house and it's so cold his breath is steaming. Only a brokedick antifa would do that. Of course, I could be wrong but regardless, he demonstrates how to do what we've seen so far in an instructional manner. Now, he says to hit the release lever with the bottom of the mag, which you can do, but you'll gain nano seconds by using the "edge" of the mag against the release lever.

Now we return to our federal friend, because how better to learn techniques than from the enemy you will fight? Notice how he clears the jam and reloads.

So, what have we learned so far? Use your non shooting hand, always keeping your firing hand ready. With an AK, you'll want to make sure the mag is empty and not just jammed by looking sideways as you rack the bolt and then quickly inserting a fresh magazine so that you can continue to give the enemy ample opportunity to die for HIS country. Got it?

Okay, I want you all to practice this technique until it becomes second nature. Remember, you're going to be going up against the ZOG and you have to be quick or be dead. This is something you can practice in your home with EMPTY mags.

Good luck, Patriots, and remember, If I can do it, you can too! training is the key.


SoldierofYah said...

Good information. Thanks for posting. I own several firearms, including an AK, but am not up to speed on things like this. Definitely going to practice this.

Anonymous said...

great videos and great blog. Your blog is probably one of the most useful. thanx. Listen, I currently live in cali, but I am native to missouri, (born in st.louis)and my family goes back before the 1840s. I am planning to move back, and I wanted to know from a survival standpoint, where in the state do you think it is best for white nationalist? I thought the ozark region. My cousin was stabbed in east st louis by niggers soley for being white and all my relative warned me about it. thanx

Orion said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it. After you've practiced it for awhile, it becomes second nature. I'll be putting up more, but mostly about the AK and the AR, which is what I'm most familar with. However, an M14, a Garand or an SKS are all good weapons too.

Anon, time to get back to Missouri! Cali is gone, I used to live out there and left after finally realizing there is no hope for that place. What a shame, such a beautiful state.

The Ozarks are a good place, I used to lease land out there and loved it. Get this: A lot of the hotels out there are still run by white folks! Almost no negros there at all either.

Orion said...

Oh, Bloody Bill says thanks, too!