Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coming Soon To America

Collaborating with the Great Satan will be fatal. This is what will happen to traitorous White bastards that give comfort and support to our enemies, like these traitorious Iraqis did. Revolution and Civil War IS coming. Repent now!


Wolf's Press said...

There's another lesson here for future combatants. No surrender...and if you do, expect no quarter. This sort of thing has been going on for centuries from Nicaragua to Saigon. Better to settle it on your terms while you still have a weapon in your hands.

Orion said...

Absolutely. Not too many people realize that the right of habeas corpus has been suspended in this country and we are actually living in a state of Martial Law. There are people in jail NOW who have been there for over 7 years without charge. This is what we can expect also.

When resistance begins, you can expect ZOG death squads using both the Secret Police, the Military and mercs like Blackwater. They should expect the same from us.

No quarter given, no quarter due.

Anonymous said...

No muzzle flash

Orion said...

It's daylight and you're looking from behind the gun.