Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaza and The Big Lie

I've posted this before, but it's such an informative broadcast that I feel it's needed again, especially in light of what's happening in Gaza, the largest Konzentrationslager in the world. In this broadcast, Dr. Pierce discusses census data that utterly destroys the jewish propaganda about Palestinians being "interlopers" and other hate nonsense. Especially insightful but no surprise to those who know better, he discusses the utter hypocrisy of the illegitimate government currently in the hands of our deadly enemy. From Rosenveld to Johnson, from Clinton to Obama, the response to jewish terror is the same.

Dr. Pierce then discusses Abu Nidal, which should be of special interest to White Patriots. Finally, he goes on to demolish the jews' biggest lie about another Patriot. Can you guess who it is?

And now, I give you Dr. William Pierce, of blessed memory, now in Valhalla amongst hallowed warriors, waiting for us.

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