Friday, December 19, 2008

White Woman Interrupts Burglary And is Shot Dead

Murdered Human.

Think it's niggers, again? You'd be half right.

Lorenzo H. Wilson, 17, left, of Maryland Heights, and Kenneth Shepard, 17, of Creve Coeur.

Shepard lived in the neighborhood and wanted to be a nigger so bad he let Wilson talk him into doing what niggers do. Folks, if you see a nigger in your neighborhood, CALL THE PIGS. If your kid is hanging with niggers, whip it out of them.

Story here. Leave a comment, and hopefully ONE person at least, will wake up.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I think alot of folks are gonna make bad decisions trusting these white renegades in times to come and they're going to be hurt or worse in the process.

They are a more evil enemy as they hide concealed beneath white skin . Quite a few are beyond repair , their minds 'n morals totally mushed out .

Orion said...

Testify, Brother Jeff. We'll take care of the ones beyond any hope, and the others will fall in line. I know this to be true.