Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Blog Added - Radio Werewolf

Radio Werewolf, looks like a good blog. Another Terrible Tommy devotee! Pop in and shout RaHoWa!

My goal does not include sanitizing the message for the legions of brain dead masses, in the hopes of reaching a "main stream" audience and gaining wider acceptance. Instead, these "broadcasts" will be aimed at whoever may be out there who is not only receptive to these truths, but, are also inclined to apply some of the more practical information I will be disseminating from this bunker. And that is, you will find, the beauty of the Lone Wolf Strategy. You don't know who is out there listening, and you don't know who is doing what. Which means that our enemies are in the dark as well. They cannot infiltrate and/or disrupt what is not there.


Reichsmarshal said...

Thanks for the write up, Orion.

The strategies devised by Louis Beam and Tom Metzger are probably nothing new to seasoned veterans, but I figure the more places we put this material out there, the more the right eyes will potentially see it.

For those who find Terrible Tommy old hat, fear not. There will be a lot of news, jews, niggratude and original content coming up. I'm just getting warmed up!

Orion said...

My pleasure, Comrade. Keep up the good work. As for Tommy, he's the only voice of revolution in a sea of bleating KAHNservative appeasers. He's cutting edge.

For those about to become insurgents, we salute you!