Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Website Added - Radio Free Mississippi

The home of "take no prisoners" Jim Giles, Mississppi Patriot. My Daddy always told me "son, there's two people you don't ever want to get into a scrap with; Mississippians and Virginians". From this video, you can see why. The guy in the white shirt is Giles, after being asked to leave following a politically incorrect speech. Jim was running for office at the time. Some punk thought he would get in Giles' face. Ha!

Ya'll head on over and give Jim a hollar. He's a good guy and ain't afraid of nothing.

UPDATE: Moved to the White Media Section since it's online radio.


Anonymous said...

I went to MS recently and absolutely fell in love with her! Beautiful state and beautiful people.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Yep , he's a big ol fella .

Heading back north from Florida one time I started to swing thru Miss. Kinda wanted to see some Hank sights . Alas ...
usually when I'm on the road I just wanna get there . Such was the case here .

Orion said...

I'm the same way, Jeff. I just want to get there. Except, when I drove from occupied California to Missouri I did some sightseeing in Colorado and Kansas. I was tempted to stop in Lawrence and ask where the memorial to Bloody Bill was I figured they didn't have any :)
I'll have to post the pics up someday. Got to check out a sod house and an 19th century schoolhouse, with real Mcguffe readers!

Mississppi is a beautiful place indeed, anon. I used to live in northeast Mississippi for awhile, it was great. I hope Jim runs for office again, I'll be down there in no time working for him. I like someone with fight!