Sunday, December 28, 2008

Call of The Blood

Genetics. DNA. It's who we are, and what we respond to. When a negro hears the tribal drum beats of Mother Africa, the response is the same as when we hear Mozart or Beethoven. So when you try to engage a negro in debate, remember that he is a product of thousands of years of evolution, whether it's in:

South Africa, where muti and voodo reign. (Check out the skyscrapers, an eerie contrast).

or Liberia, which was settled by freed American Slaves. This is why negros don't want to go back, because they understand at a genetic level what will happen if they do, despite the rudiments of Western Civilization bestowed upon them.

or Haiti, once the jewel of the French Empire, Ruled by Africans since 1804. See how genetics works? Culture is a racial construct.

or America, where despite living among Whites for 400 years, they continue to prove the axiom "you can take the african out of africa, but you can't take africa out of the african. So true.

The African Mind, a product of genetics. Why they stood on the coast of Africa for thousands of years and couldn't make a sail.

And why they have never created a civilization of their own. And never will.

Africans might as well be from another planet, as alien as their culture is to ours. All we can do is look on in morbid fascination and wonder why God created something so alien and primitive.


Anonymous said...

I personally believe as a Christian that the curse of Genesis 9 is why Blacks are the way they are. Personally, if I have to choose between that explanation and 140+ years of Marxist sociology a la abolition and Civil Rights, I'll pick the Bible 1000% of the time. Of course, most White "preachers" today spiritualize the text to get away from uncomfortable topics. While I believe there's an important spiritual application, there are other important factors, and most preachers are too chicken**** to be politically incorrect. R.J. Rushdoony has a good mp3 sermon on this called The Tents of Shem, available along with many other messages for a silver or gold subscription at the Chalcedon site. Just my two cents. I enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

first of all, great thoughts, thanx. secondly, I also agree with anonymous about the Bible, and the curse of Ham (blacks), Noah third son. I understand that whites are the sons of Japeth, whom noah blessed and said God would "increase your borders." Yes He did, it's called europe,america,canada,new zealand austraila etc. Shem is the son than gave us Jesus, and Japeth will "live in the tents of shem." in other words, we have God on our side. That is why we have superior genetics and God will start to help us if we obey Him and ask for his help and direction to get our race and countries back. Read the book of Josuha, where he exterminates the cannanites, who were sons of ham. The book of Joshua should be our book.

Orion said...

One day, we shall meet in the valley of Jezreel with Gideon's warriors, and smite our enemies! We only need a few good men, just like Gideon.