Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Patch For Microsoft Security Advisory (961051) Has Been Released

Keep the jew out of your computer by always running updates. This is an out-of-cycle update that fixes a security issue with ALL versions of IE.


Anonymous said...

I was looking at linnux and firefox after I heard that windows users could be tracked. I use internet explorer 6, I wonder if I switch to firefox would there be great privacy? If anyone knows please advise.

Orion said...

Anon, my experience has been that FF is as sticky as IE. Linux has to be hardened to be of any use. Since it's open source, it's probably a bit easier to hack than Windows. Whatever you chose, expect that you'll be attacked and infected with something in the future. What I do to counter this is make sure I have a good firewall and good Anti-Virus on my machine, and make sure you are always patched.

Computer security in a resistance environment is something else entirely, and will be discussed on this blog soon. Stay tuned!

Orion said...

I would just assume you're being tracked no matter what you use, unless you tweak your browser, in which case it would make it almost unusable. Proxies are the best answer for privacy concerns.

Hopefully others might have some ideas they can share.