Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Site - Restore The Republic Radio

Right Wingers will remember this site back in the late 90s when the Patriotard movement was going strong. I dropped out of this "movement" when I discovered the real danger to our civilization and freedoms. Even though they are still somewhat blight wing, they are waking up to the jew. Still, you might find something you like here, although they are too libertarian and wave the flag too much for my taste. You can't have a revolution if you wave the flag of your enemy, right? Right!

Restore The Republic Radio - The Freedom Spin Starts Here!

Here, Clay Douglas (he's still around?!) interviews Brother Nathanael Kapner, who runs the website Real Jew News, a converted Jew. Not a bad interview, but I disagree with Kapner that he doesn't have any semitic features lol.

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