Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Whites Can Expect As The Future Grows Darker

In 2007, the City and County of St. Louis tripped all over itself to raise property tax rates as much as 22 percent. Now that the economy is in the tank and housing values have fallen, do you think the blood suckers will cut the White Man a break? Not on your life.

...double-digit declines in housing prices here this fall cited by such groups as the Mid-America Regional Information Systems (MARIS), used as a guidepost by the media, do not reflect the real market, Leung said.

Some neighborhoods can even expect to see a slight rise in values this year.

"These are some of the desirable areas where people are still willing to pay premium prices," Leung said.

What that means is white folks can expect to pay premium tax rates to support the negro burden in the state seized St. Louis school district.

These people stick their nose in the air at the white taxpayer while the nigger gets off scott free. What should be done? There is hope in the scope.

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SoldierofYah said...

Property taxes are one of the most evil burdens on a free people, and should be repealed and outlawed. It's the Jewish Establishment saying we don't really own our property, and that they own all property and can collect "rent" for letting you live on it.

You probably can't find one single county in the entire U.S. that doesn't have a property tax. And supposedly the property tax originates at the county or local level. B.S. It's an order from "on high", implemented across the entire U.S.